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  1. Dons Fred

    He's been here 5 mins and you've been saying it all year ?
  2. Flo Bojaj

    See if you're going to troll at least try and be subtle
  3. Liam's Mad Fer TIK!

    This is a belter well done lads
  4. Energy Check Stadium

    Don't give them ideas
  5. Energy Check Stadium

    rugby park could become the Silentnight stadium
  6. A response from Sandy Armour please

    Some folk need serious assessing
  7. If Jig quits

    Gus plenty of experience 7 years at St Mirren got them promoted to premier league aswell
  8. Red cards

    I use another non football forum and they have a like a thank you and a laughing thing but when someone gives you any of the three it tells you who gives them out having the votes public would stop the daft red cards that seem to be given out sometimes
  9. Stars of '97 TIK Draw

    Well done to all involved in organising this was a great day and to hear boys like Paul wright tell us it was a privelage to play for our club to hearing Monty, Holt and Gus relive that day and how important it was and still is to them a fantastic day was had by all I'll be spending my Sunday night watching many a YouTube video and remembering a team that we were proud to support and a team that gave us some memories that will far outlive any of the wage thieves we seem to have nowadays
  10. Motherwell match thread

    Wouldn't be surprised if he needed a bottle of lucozade sport after tinkering with the ivory
  11. Motherwell match thread

    Aye generally documentary fat means they struggle to get out the house though unless the fire brigade get involved
  12. Motherwell match thread

    He's probably documentary fat now that he's been sat on his arse for the last few months
  13. Reasons to be Cheerful?

    Stars of 97 dinner tomorrow and get to nostalgically remember a time when players played for the jersey, when they were honest hard working and commited to the cause and remember a time when never in a million years would it have been accepted that your more than likely highest paid player was on national tv playing simply the best on a piano
  14. It would be a bit ironic......

    I think everyone is desperate to move on from that era but the damage that was done during that spell isn't going to magically right itself in a couple of months and if you don't think that his era and what we are witnessing on the park now are not related in any way then I'd love to hear your alternate theory are you in the "the world is flat" gang aswell ?
  15. It would be a bit ironic......

    If I own a house and I take away supporting walls and remove joists and trusses that are vital, I let a mould problem get worse every year, I let the roof become porous and in need of replacing, but I walk away and manage to somehow pass it on to someone else, when the whole thing comes crashing down is it no still my fault ? He ripped the arse out the club and he got out when he knew the game was up of course it's his fault

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