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  1. Youssouf Mulumbu

    On paper a tremendous signing giving the previous level he has played Would never had a chance of him even considering us had it not been for Clarke and if he can hit the ground running and perform as he did in the premier league it'll be tremendous 30 isn't old, it seems the bar gets lowered by the month on what age a player is considered old well done Steve Clark and well done to the Board again in finally seeing that having an experienced manager with a strong cv brings these sort of benefits
  2. Days Like These

    After so long of feeling like we were trudging through quick sand you can't help feel a slight sense of euphoria building up inside Steve Clarkes not a miracle worker but in comparison to what we have had in recent years, I'd be confident he could take a bottle of highland spring out my fridge right now and turn into wine
  3. Texas shooting

    Age range of the victims from 5 to 72 instead of worrying about his twitter account maybe Trump could work on protecting innocent children from having their lives Bring taken from them but we all know that isn't going to happen anytime soon truly horrific
  4. Hearts 1 Killie 2 05/11/17

    Frizzzel for a boy of his age at his stage in development to show the composer and skill to turn and put that chance away at such a clinical time in the game and being back the 3 points a lad who has come through our youth set up deserves a man of the match for me power and Broadfoot could have easily got it aswell but Frizzels goal was different gravy
  5. Hearts Match Thread

    It's always good to have that old head about mate you are right that there has been to much negativity but I don't think anyone can put a negative spin on the change of direction the club is taking making an appointment like this is an outstanding statement of intent and it's been answered by the fans with increased numbers at the Hibs game and a terrific travelling support of over 1200 today, for the first time in a very very long time being excited feels warranted
  6. Hearts Match Thread

    What a result Since McCullochs exit we've won 2 drew 2 lost 1 played Patrick Celtic Rangers Hibs & Hearts we'll be fine this season and I've no doubt that Steve Clarke is going to be a very special manager for us to come out of the recent run of games with the results we have is exceptional and he's only been here a very short time well done to the 12th man today in the 1200 fans who were able to make the trip today very exciting times ahead indeed now may I pass you over to @Mclean07 who will add a nice dose of negativity to stop us all getting over excited and wetting the bed Mon the Killie absolutely buzzing
  7. Birthday Mentions v Hibs

    You were spot on last night and the pre second half rally call was tremendous hopefully this will be the norm going forward and something to look forward too excellent last night
  8. Hibs Vs Killie Match Day Thread

    Crowd of 5,005 last night you must have ran out of fingers and toes doing your sums last night
  9. 0-3

    I find it bizarre that given the performances we've witnessed at RP in recent times you couldn't find anything in last nights 90 minutes that warranted applauding our players as they walked off
  10. Hibs Vs Killie Match Day Thread

    His rally call before second half was brilliant I almost shouted Spaaaaartaaaaa
  11. Hibs Vs Killie Match Day Thread

    I've never left a game having been beat 3-0 and felt so optimistic an outstanding team performance tonight so many positives to be taken and how we didn't score is quite unbelievable tell you what when Clarke walked out at kick off the hairs on the back of the neck stood up the guy has a presence that we haven't had In a long time, everytime you looked down at the dugout you are just buzzing he has got a group of players who looked like they didn't know each other's first names playing some excellent football In a very short time and even Boydie has stepped it up a good 3 gears I'll be getting stuck at work tomorrow from my A*r supporting gaffer but I'll be sitting there with a solid belief of the early signs are anything to go by we may just be at the early stages of a real revival of the team and club, there was a feeling present at the game tonight that I haven't felt In a very long time the fans were tremendous tonight aswell that deserves a mention well done to everyone and let's look forward to the Clarke era it's looking very good indeed
  12. Hibs Vs Killie Match Day Thread

    Wasn't at parkhead on Saturday but BBC sport commented when Erwin got subbed at the weekend he'd been largely ineffective not that Boydie is more effective agreed a strange one buzzing for this tonight getting down nice and early just parked up get in there and soak up a bit of the pre match atmosphere with it being SC first home game and it feels like an age since the last home game Mon the Killie send the caravan dweller back up the road in a stinker
  13. Jamie MacDonald

    I'm sure the first thing Steve Clarke did when he got the team back in the dressing room was tell Jamie he could have done better for Celtics goal as I said absolute nonsense
  14. On This Day

    The new videos on the YouTube channel in the last month or so have been different class credit to effort in getting them on there
  15. Jamie MacDonald

    I can't believe after we have just played 180 minutes against both sides of the old filth, came away with 2 points saved a penalty (albeit a s**tely taken penalty) scored 2 well worked goals that someone would take the time to complain about Jamie's performance absolute nonsense until recently we couldn't buy even what could be described as a respectable peformance from the team plenty of positives to focus on over the last 3 games but what do we do "he could have done better" as I said absolute nonsense

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