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  1. Mulumbu pense, donc il est.
  2. Sheep home, Fred

    500 odd, very poor
  3. Rory McKenzie

    Big blow this. Been hugely important for us in games against the other top 6 teams with his defensive work rate.
  4. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Simpson struggling in the first half... caught out at least three teams. Lucky to not be behind tbh.
  5. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Gazebo OPENED.
  6. Score Prediction - Hamilton (A)

    1-1. Hope I'm wrong tho.
  7. Thistle Away 7th April

    Bread meats Bread on Great Western Road just off Oran Mor is always a decent shout if you're wanting a bit more, if not then Coopers has screens and is always a safe bet for a pint and some scran
  8. TIK Board Member

    Has to be Craigie Boy
  9. Mulumbu gossip

    I have a feeling Mulumbu will still be playing for us next season. Not based on anything other than sheer gut instinct but regardless, I think he'll be staying here.
  10. Thistle Away 7th April

    Murano Street Student Village always has spaces two minutes from the ground
  11. Next season's incoming players...

    Kamara would be a very good signing imo.
  12. Would love to see SOD sign on.
  13. Thistle Away 7th April

    Reckon we will take a huge crowd up to this, I'm bringing about 5 additional bodies who are up for the weekend from Sheffield and a couple of my pals at uni (Hibs fans who stay near enough Firhill) are also keen. Do we know if this will be ticketed yet?
  14. Accies home, Fred

    I was thinking likewise but didn't want to seem pessimistic.. However I have faith in SSC

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