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  1. Ross county

    I'm about 15 minutes from Dingwall and its -4 with about 4 inches of snow still lying. Hopefully it will thaw but I'm not overly optimistic this will go ahead.
  2. Thistle home Fred

    Looking forward to Tuesday night. Mon the Kiiiiilllliiiee!
  3. Thistle home Fred

    Anyone up for starting a "Keep the Carpet" petition?
  4. Thistle home Fred

    When was the last time we scored 4?
  5. Thistle home Fred

    Yaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssss !!!!!!;
  6. Thistle home Fred

    Can't lose this now.....can we?
  7. Thistle home Fred

  8. Thistle home Fred

    Right...nae fannying about this time boys.
  9. Thistle home Fred

    Sake....took too long to post that.
  10. Thistle home Fred

    Yaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss....Mon the kiiiiiillliiiieeee
  11. Tuesday

    Heavy snow all day today and more forecast for tomorrow. Clearing by Sunday but sub-zero temperatures Monday and Tuesday so possibly frozen pitch. looking forward to this so hopefully the game will go ahead.
  12. Jamie McDougall RIP

    Awful for a young guy to go way too soon. Thoughts with his family and friends. RIP bud.
  13. Jordan Jones

    Derby County I think. FWIW I think Jones will stay and benefit from the coaching of one of the best in the business. Working under SC can only improve his game. Good luck to the boy when he does move on.
  14. Saintees (A) Fred Dec 2nd 2017

    My first game of the season and a very enjoyable day. Thought Dicker and Power made a very effective midfield combination. Defence needs strengthening in January. Brophy my MOM. Good to see him play with belief and hopefully he turns in tegular performances like today. I also thought Boyd worked a great shift today and played Brophy a sublime wee pass for what should have been his second. We're obviously getting the square root of FA from referees this season and some of this guys decisions were baffling. Anyway, great atmosphere from the choir up the back and a good turnout. KTID. See yeez in Dingwall.
  15. Saintees (A) Fred Dec 2nd 2017

    Self inflicted wound that. Equaliser had been coming.

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