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  1. Thistle home Fred

    On Taylor playing leftback. According to 100% accurate Wikipedia he is one inch shorter in height than Clarke. 5"9' to 5"10'. Considering he was a rightback he shouldn't see Taylor's height as a problem.
  2. Current form

  3. Thistle home Fred

    The Patrick defence was comically bad going by highlights
  4. Current form

    He's no Stephan Clark
  5. Thistle home Fred

    Greer interestingly Greer played that match
  6. Penalty

    To be fair Boyd is chasing his own targets so every goal counts
  7. Is Steve Clarke God?

    No in true Killie FC spirit it should be spelt wrong All hail Steven Clark!
  8. Penalty

    Fair play!
  9. Penalty

    1st penalty thus season? Perhaps Brophy didn't want to take it?
  10. Power and McCulloch

    There's no longer that feeling of should we bin our manger, which is good.
  11. Is Steve Clarke God?

    I've edited to allow multiple choices. Accidentally added the blank so kudos for me!
  12. Thistle home Fred

    How did the midfield 3 line up? What we think about nickname? 3 Amigos 3 Muskateer 3 Stoogies
  13. Is Steve Clarke God?

    As above
  14. Thistle home Fred

    Steve Clarke the man. Back to back wins and 1st home win in 7 months! Surprised to hear defence shaky with that midfield. I thought they'd be like this

    Do you mean you prefer rs' to r's. The first one had always felt wrong to me

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