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  1. The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    McCulloch best keeper I have seen for Killie. Seem to remember him being huge? Or maybe I was just really small at that Time!
  2. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Think I have totally missed a thread is Dicker rumoured to be transfer target or is it just end of contract ? Is he unhappy at Killie
  3. Coulibaly

    Anybody seen an update on Coulibaly situation ? Is there any chance we will see him back at TTOP ?
  4. Jamie Macdonald

    He did have a poor game Sat but we still won and the goal we lost was not caused by him. Still the man for the job and hopefully good game tomorrow night will put his confidence back in place
  5. Clarke manager of the month

    I agree he should be along with shock - Kris Boyd for player but hope neither gets it as a curse often accompanies it!
  6. Naming rights

    QTS Rugby Park is fine but no orange paint anywhere or orange seats - unless they agree to rebuild it for us as an 8000 seat stadium with more leg room!
  7. SC is God

    Question really has to be.....can we keep him at the club?
  8. Jamie Macdonald

    Was gutted when Jamie was dropped for Woodman last year (Freddie did prove his worth!). Again I would be gutted if Jamie dropped for Bell as he has made the odd mistake but has had a lot of match winning performances and I really rate him so would stick by him
  9. Crowd tomorrow

    Hairs on the back of my neck stand on end watching this! Favourite game ever even more than the cup finals! Would this have been 5000?
  10. Midfield

    Power has been solid last 6 games breaking up play, real bonus is Sicker who can then take the ball power wins and drive it forward. We're all getting good reviews on sportscene for what it's worth
  11. Penalty

    Anecdotal based on an article about Firminho and how a chopped off goal had cost him €65000. Pal is related to Andy Robertson and he effectively confirmed that contracts work like that but vary by player - certainly an incentive.
  12. Penalty

    Only sure thing about all of this is that Boyd/Brophy were not fighting over the penalty for the massive scorers fee! At Liverpool the players get £50k a goal, £25k an assist and £25k a clean sheet - if that was our payments it would not just be Boyd/Brophy battling for the penalty!
  13. Agree about the pinning on the wall and using to motivate a team but I think individuals e.g. Shinnie will have a point to prove that he would not before Boyd gave his opinion
  14. Project Brave

    Have not honestly had time to read full spec - sounds elitist either way but if we are involved and reap potential rewards then I won't complain. Could be swayed if someone can properly explain the pros and cons! Something has to change as what Scotland are doing just now is just not working.
  15. Still think it is wrong that a player we currently employ is (as Fraser aludes) giving other teams ammunition to use to raise their game against us. Needs to choose media career or football career!

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