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  1. Season tickets

    Feel good factor is there to stay for a while even if next 5 games go pear shaped. That said it can only benefit to get them out asap as if we sell e.g. 3000 by the end of May then planning for next season can start earlier as certain monetary input is guaranteed. It could be the difference between securing a key player early on or scrabbling about at the end
  2. New contracts

    Would love to know the wages we pay but at same time glad we don't as it gives other clubs scope to unsettle by offering just that little bit more. Assume the club must be forking out big time bonus for our current run which is a great problem to have. Hopefully rather than increasing basics too much they have built it on bonus structure. Remember the negativity around bonuses a couple of seasons ago - that was embarrassing!
  3. Jones or Mulumbu?

    Jones at the moment BUT let me see next 5 games as Mulumbu raises his game against the big teams and this is where we need to take more points in a season to move on
  4. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Think the biggest thing to take from this story is the praise for Billy Bowie. When he first came in I was greatful for the injection of capital but had no feel good factor about what he would bring to the club. So far he has been a genuine find for us as a club and since MJ left it seems Bowie can do no wrong but is not always getting the credit he deserves - step forward Billy and take a bow(ie)!
  5. Caption Competition

    Haha look they've got a gazebo, go and get the bbq - but no more burgers for imrie
  6. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Had to tell with Fasan how it will go as he had so little to do today. He did make a couple of cracking saves first half, distribution was good and he kicks it a mile. Need to see free kick again as he was well beaten by it and just unlucky when it came back off post and hit him. Brophy did really well again in his short time, got stuck right in a real thorn and shoots from anywhere both feet, unlucky not to score. Kirk and Power were immense today, solid and just snuffed out anything others missed. Happy days!
  7. 2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    Might be a joke but has way better leg room than our east stand!
  8. Stephen O'Donnell & Steve Clarke

    SSC is going to need a bigger mantlepiece!
  9. Hamilton away

    How many did we take last season to the Hamilton game where Sammon scored and Woodman made some class saves ? The stand felt busy that day as it was without our feel good factor and lower prices
  10. Greg Taylor contract

    Hopefully the Clarke factor swings it as money does talk over loyalty. Look previous at Matty Kennedy who went thru whole youth programme, played a handful of games then was lured by the wedge despite lots of advice to stick with Killie for 2 more years - he is still earning a wedge but it is nothing compared to what he could have earned if he had stayed at Killie longer and developed (even in a poorer set up than just now!)
  11. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Is that what happened ? Could not see it because of the post in front of me.... saw a great move and pass then everything disappeared!
  12. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Although Mulumbu, SOD, Jones and McKenzie were passengers today thought power, Dicker, broadfoot and Findlay then stepped in and really held team together
  13. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Yes to actually relax and enjoy the game but when final whistle goes I will take 1 goal win anytime every time! That was not as much fun towards the end today but some great last ditch blocks
  14. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    What does the form table for 25 games look like ?
  15. Seventeen? Strange number!

    Gary Harkins what could have been......waste of a career! Kilmarnock could have had a host of players in there including McKenzie but Boyd definitely deserves it. I will be honest and say I was shouting for him to be punted at start of season and especially after our start - well done Boydie!

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