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  1. RIP Rob Hamilton

    Sad to hear ... i knew he hadn't been keeping well recently. RIP Bob.
  2. Berlin

    Going in a couple of weeks ... unfortunately I'll only see the airport as I'm working out near Magdeburg.
  3. Jones or Mulumbu?

    Going by the movement right at the end of the clip it's not the first time she's done that !!!
  4. Jones or Mulumbu?

    Would have to be Jones ... Mulumbu really steadied the team when he arrived and along with Dicker and Power, gave us a solid base to build on. He's missed a few games recently and we haven't really missed him due to the attitude and real cameraderie throughout the team/club.
  5. St Midden

    Pleased for Fow...
  6. Taylor

    Great news ... well done Greg.
  7. Diageo and hypocrisy

    They can take ma Smirnoff but they'll never take .... ma Guinness!!!!
  8. John Lambie

    Mibbe you missed the shouting from the home end just prior to it as well? Mibbe you also missed the fact that there was a fair number of the home fans NOT applauding?
  9. Aberdeen Home Massive

    Motherwell did it for years.
  10. 2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    Junior dragged me in amongst the young team yesterday ... felt like the oldest swinger in town!! Think i embarassed him by starting the "he's gonna cry in a minute" chant at Harry Potter. Was a brilliant atmosphere and the stand was shaking with the bounce .... great day out.
  11. Still Moaning About JJ

    So exciting when he runs at players but equally as frustrating when there is nothingto show at the end of it. Rarely makes a run into space and instead he drops back to get the ball, decision making could be better as he often runs until he bumps into a player or holds onto the ball too long.
  12. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    We were halfway home before it updated.
  13. Aaron simpson

    He had a terrible first half and they were trying to target him as a weekends. A wee word from the boss at halftime and within a couple of minutes he had them on the back foot with 2-3 decent attacking runs and set himself up for a far better second half.
  14. The A to Z of killie supporters

    If we are wandering away from official matches then there is a Y .... we played Youngstown from Ohio in an exhibition match while in the US for the New York tournament.
  15. John Lambie

    There will be a minutes applause before the game tomorrow..

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