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  1. The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    McCullough was keeper when I started going to RP and was another in a magnificent tradition of great Killie keepers. In the 40ish years since my debut we've only really had 3 first choice goalies who were poor ... Meldrum, Doobydoo and Samson. There's been a few horrors as backup right enough in Brown, Holland, McKellar, Harpur .... but first choice has been pretty consistent. Edit: McCulloch has always been my favourite and will take some shifting.
  2. Dundee Game Also Postponed

    If St Johnstone draw their cup tie then the replay will take precedence over the Hamilton match ... which would allow us to play Hamilton on the 31st. But said it all along ... the winter break is a stupid idea unless you can guarantee when winter weather will actually hit!
  3. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Oh aye .... after seeing the highlights it was never a penalty and never over the line.
  4. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Nice to see folk haven't lost their sense of humour over the break...
  5. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    What was the song to the tune of 'Old Scouser Tommy' ? Can't think of hearing it before..
  6. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Uneventful game with not a great deal of football on show .... looked like two teams not wanting to lose... pretty much what was expected from the first game after the break. I thought there was a blatant push for the penalty and the ref did well to give it ... never realised the defender was red carded though! Also thought the ball was over the line at the end ...
  7. Saturday

    That's sod all to do with the weather...
  8. Saturday

    They were leaving this morning...
  9. Interview with Clarke and Boyd

    Interviewer: "How many weeks wages ... did Kris's new hair cost him?" Boyd: "At what club?" ...
  10. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Unfortunately he's been consistantly poor.
  11. VAR a shambles already?

    The mistake with the Willian decision was that the VAR didn't think he could over-rule the ref as he felt Willian was already going down --- could he not have asked the ref to have a second look for himself ? Other than that the ref did well with the penalty decisions.
  12. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Won't be missed, saves a wage and to get something for him is a bonus. He hasn't improved over the last 3/4 seasons and the fact he has played so many times just proves how bad we have been. He has played many positions and has been poor in all of them.
  13. On This Day

    I remember JJ complaining about the conditions after that Hearts game and how "It wasn't conducive to our passing style of play" ..... well that's funny cos I remember us passing your team off the fecking pitch that day ya torn faced cnut!
  14. Cities you liked

    Not when you're on expenses it ain't!! Just stayed at the Radisson Alna for a week and it was 99NOK for 500ml Ringnes and 120 for Brooklyn .... guts of £10 & £12 respectively for a beer. Craziest thing is fuel prices .... cheap in the morning and it goes up throughout the day. We stopped at a services for lunch and after paying nearly £40 for 2 burgers and a couple of drinks .... we saw that the fuel had went up 20p a litre in the space of 30mins!!!

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