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  1. 2 Faced Boyd

    She maybe useless (not my opinion but yours) but no need for the bint comment.
  2. 3G Pitch

    We are all Killie fans, we all have our opinions on the pitch,players,management and the board and we should all be allowed to express these opinions on this forum without personnel attack from other posters who disagree with our opinions. So lets all just hug it out
  3. Dons Fred

    I posted IMO ie in my opinion. Tactics have changed and was highlighted on sportscene weren't lumping the ball up the park but playing it in the ground IMO tactics changed. Pretty sure we could get a more experienced manager in instead of a manager "learning" his job.
  4. Dons Fred

    He shouldn't have been given the job in the first place if he is just learning. If you want to learn how to manage a team head for the lower leagues first. To me it looks like he hasn't learned from the mistakes of the managers he served under or taken any of the good points of the said previous managers (tbf Locke didn't have any good points). If true about being asked to leave the dressing room imo he has already lost the confidence of the players and they are taking it upon themselves to change the tactics and help better their performance.
  5. Line up face Aberdeen

    He was training with Boyd on the video the other day, if thats who he looks up to no wonder he's slow and overwieght.
  6. Penalties

    His win ratio would be sh*te as he had to contend with Lockes duds ffs. Yes he jumped ship but we don't know if the board (MJ) were going to back his plans and any decent manager wants/needs the backing of the board. I firmly believe that we would have finished in a better position and started this campaign stronger if he had stayed. But he has gone and I think McCulloch and Leven need to follow suit before our great club slips into the duldrums of Championship and then lower league football
  7. Penalties

    He did. You could also see he had the team fitter, he had more tactical awareness, he was constantly giving instructions from the side lines and when the opposition scored you could see the disappointment in his actions but he would then get instructions out to the players. Then you look at McCulloch and he just looks at the ground/sky/dugout with his arms folded or hands in his pockets with no instruction to the players. Somebody needs to buy him the book Football Management For Idiots. KTID
  8. Lee Mcculloch

    LM: Aye ye ur Kirk: Naw um urny
  9. High Hopes FADING

    Maybe not getting the push in training that he needs. Just a suggestion.
  10. The clock is ticking

    I think someone does as LM spoke about our lack of form at home couldn't be about the pitch as the pitch on Saturday was like a bowling green. On a note about his post match interview he seemed to be smirking and having a wee giggle to himself when talking about how they don't know what the reason for the bad form is. Well I for one can tell you Lee, YOU are the reason as you haven't got a clue about managing a football team. You have no technical or tactical knowhow. You are just here to steal a wage and help your old pals do the same. Time to fcuk off and go and manage a boys club as that is your level.... well maybe not as I suspect some boys club managers could do a better job with these players than you.
  11. Penalties

  12. Penalties

    ??? Because he trained at the same time for 20 years means that it's the best time to train ??? Times of training impacted on stamina of players as they weren't blowin out their backsides just after half time. The players lasted till the end of the game with some running left. You can't say that Boydie wasn't fitter under Clark either. And yes it does mean he is trying to be one of the lads, because he "spoke to the dressing room and they all agreed to return to the original training times as I felt that it wasn't showing any benefit" McCulloch cant't see any benefit in having more stamina at the end of the game, he also doesn't see the midfield as being a problem area and we always seem to be unlucky with every game we play. He is a CLOWN of the highest order. Lee Lee gtf Lee gtf Lee Lee gtf. Clark left us a top six side and IMO we could still have been there at the end of the season but the reigns were passed to Locke in disguise. I think most of the signings came from the new scout but McCulloch doesn't have a clue how to manage them or tactical/technical knowhow to progress the team. If we continue with him I can see us cut adrift at the bottom of the league even before christmas because I honestly can't see us getting any more than 1 point a game for the entire season but I'll still be there chearing the team on because I don't blame the players. KTID
  13. Penalties

    Yes it was. Some players weren't happy with the training times so LM asked if they wanted to go back to original times and the consensus was yes, he even said Boydie could go and do his own training schedule (which helped with doing his media work). Clark had the team able to run for the full 90 mins and IMO if they had continued with that training schedule we would have a fitter and harder to beat team as most other teams around our level start to lag at the end of games which opens up the chance to counter and exploit mistakes. Clark may have had a scatter gun signing policy but at least he showed some passion during games as well as being able to get instruction and tactical changes to the players, McCulloch just looks at the sky and gives thumbs up even after losing goals. McCulloch needs to do the decent thing and walk away. He has signed (on paper) decent players but has no tactical or technical ability to direct those players. IMO it seems as though he has just went and asked the players what way they want to play and went for the majority consensus.
  14. Penalties

    Due to LM wanting to be one of the lads and changing the training times that Clark had started, IMO Clarks idea had the team fitter and managing to last the 90 mins without too much hassle. And he had Boydie fitter than he is now.
  15. Because he hasn't got a clue

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