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  1. Fasan your Seatbelts

    After watching the first goal back yes Fasan could have done better but it looks to me that he was expecting SOD to stand full on to the shot or stick a leg out to deflect the ball away. SOD turns side on to the shot which lets the ball through but to be fair on him I think he expected the shot to go wide or Fasan to at least touch it on to or round the post. To me it was one of those "I thought it/ I thought you would" moments.
  2. POTY talk

    I think he meant Killie
  3. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    No they won't as Killie will be heading for their third title

    Ladbrokes branch I went into refusing to pay out until the split actually happens

    Don't have an account actually went in to a Ladbrokes the day after Stevie joined the club and work commitments hampering me getting to a branch to collect the coinage May have to take a sicky this week to get the best odds

    I got 16/1 on top 6. Happy days. Just need to cash in and lump it on Killie winning the treble next season KTID
  7. Attendance tonight

    I'm sure I read somewhere that Stevie had put a stop to building work going on during training sessions as it was distracting him and the players.
  8. Dons match fred

    They didn't miss the penalties Freddie SAVED them.
  9. Birthdays and mentions v Hibs

    Stop being a knob and maybe do something positive for a change. Show some respect for guys trying to help take our club forward.
  10. Red sheep (cup), Fred

    The one at Bellfield interchange or you could use the Premier Inn at Moorfield (well within staggering distance of RP).
  11. Red sheep (cup), Fred

    No other games allowed to be shown on Champions League nights iirc.
  12. Birthdays and mentions v Hibs

    The post was to show that he didn't go through the proper channels and now he has. He was actually apologising to Gav if you didn't notice. But hey you have a go at someone who is trying to help this great club. Jim you and the trust keep up the good work. KTID
  13. Scottish football makes turnout difficult

    As the Season Ticket (card) has a barcode they could introduce a system where you add away games to your season ticket it is then logged on to a shared (all scottish clubs) computer system then when you get to the ground (home or away) they scan your card and if you have the appropriate ticket then in you go. (A bit like the Scotrail Smartcard).
  14. Marciano

    McDonald should start doing a Vinnie Jones on opposition players they'll soon stop standing so close to him or if that doesn't work a quick flick at their sack should work.
  15. TIK Funding Update #6

    To work towards fan ownership perhaps?

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