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  1. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Great appointment and well done the Board. Kudos to Paul MacDonald today too - great performance and result to give the new guy a platform to build on.
  2. The Lee McCulloch Is Gone Thread

    Like others, wanted the guy to succeed but tactics and team set-up have been woeful. If other reports correct about training are true, then he had to go. Lee Clarke was a snake oil salesman but the players were fit and competitive. Broadfoot, Burke, Boyd, Smith, Power have all struggled this season and looking at the performance yesterday it was clear there is an issue with County bossing the match. Big decision for the board to make now, let's hope they get it right.
  3. Penalty?

    Interview I heard he said it looked like a pen to him and no complaints unless he saw something once he could see it again.
  4. Penalty?

    The ball definitely changed direction and the Accies player looked to jump into the air after the ball was away. Dubious category for me, but an experienced player like Smith shouldn't be giving the Ref a decision to make.
  5. Hearts Match Analysis( PUNT & MIDFIELD)

    LM stated pre match we would play a direct game owing to the pitch condition. The midfield showing or not for the ball is therefore irrelevant. What is of great concern is our management team have given up on the pitch and are instructing the players to punt it forward. You would think after 3 seasons we would know the best options to prepare the pitch to suit our game / tactics and gain an advantage.
  6. TIK Are you In?

    I'm in.
  7. Cautious Optimism

    We look to have the potential to be a team, this season. Players that have been signed have a mix of youth and experience unlike last season's tumbola effort. From what I saw at Dumbarton game the team has still to gel, so patience will be required before we see the best from the squad and the likes of Erwin are going to need a few games to get match fit. Personally think we will be reasonably comfortable mid table this season, but with a settled squad emerging we could see the full benefits next year. Mon the Killie!
  8. Patch Dilemma

    Can you post a photo for Option 4, please.
  9. Miles Storey

    On Sky Sports that Erwin has negotiated his release from Leeds.
  10. It says everything about our societies values

    It has always amazed me that people often hit out at polititian's salaries, yet the people who reads the news get paid more than the people who run the country.
  11. Strip The Titles

    Scottish football is a tough enough gig at the best of times for provincial clubs, but to learn that a behemoth like The Rangers still required to cheat to ensure their dominance continued, thus denying other teams those faint hopes and dreams (Leicster have since shown that hopes and dreams can come true) is wholly criminal. At the very base level you hope that it's eleven against eleven and your team overcome the gulf in class that the skewed finances of our set-up permitted to just once in a while achieve a win to upset the odds. This was denied us and every other club in Scotland. David Murray stated on oath the, now shown to be wrongful, use of EBT's allowed them to attract players to the club that they otherwise would not be able to afford. To do so they broke SFA rules by issuing side letters to falsify the financial arrangements that they were operating under. The goals scored, the saves made, the manager's decisions which affected the results of each and every one of the matches in which the EBT recipients participated in erodes the principles of sport. Why should we just suck this up? Why should we be concerned about the embarrassment? Why should the SFA or SPFL Blazers not endure the flak? We've had matches overturned because an administrative error has found one player was ineligible - Rangers had a (insert f word here) whole team of them. It's a disgrace. Much as we laugh at our County Cousins, they were embarrassed in that final - gubbed, Kanchelskis standing on the ball taking the pee - imagine that was us. How crap would we feel? Strip them of every Title, Cup, point, goal - I still wouldn't accept that that was enough because they still swagger around without an ounce of remorse. (Insert c word here)!!!
  12. Europa League

    Thought I would post this before the Internet breaks!!! Rateddyberrs will be in meltdown!
  13. Celebrity deaths 2017

    Film critic, Barry Norman (83)
  14. Conor Sammon and £100k for Taylor

    I think there is something in this. Guy at my work is similar age to, and has played with & against these two. He reckons there is no point signing Waters if you have Taylor, very similar players with similar experience.
  15. McCulloch transfer target?

    I would expect Sammon to be freed to get him off the wage bill.

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