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  1. Programme wanted

    Don't go to any bother Drew, he's a 'Tic supporter. I'll just tell him to contact D&D Programmes direct. Cheers.
  2. The Halo - at last

    Who's the Main Contractor? I used to work for Advance (groundworker).
  3. Programme wanted

    A friend is looking for a Programme from Killie v Celtic match from last season 18/11/2016 ? It's for his mates wee boy who was born on that day. Anyone willing to sell / donate would be appreciated. Does the Killie Programme guy run from the Indoor Market?
  4. Alan Power

    Hope his involvement in the 1st Team isn't having a negative effect on the Development Squad he was brought in to improve
  5. Hurlford Juniors

    He's a Galston boy (son of Bobby who had the hardware shop in Wallace St). Used to go to Killie games home and away but after moving to Drongan he apparently developed a fondness for Deadco. Sure he's been involved in amateur football over the years (as was his dad) and believe he was manager of Luger(?). Anyway his dad and brothers seem to be back regulars at RP since their dad sold his shop.
  6. Development League v Hearts CALLED OFF

    They're all at Tynecastle with paint brushes...
  7. Retired

    Didn't Garry Hay play a half dozen games for Airdrie?
  8. Guy at work tells me there's a topic on a zombie forum on Boydy's media chat and they can't believe how much he talks about them and if they were Killie supporters they would be raging. Coincidentally the same guy was in Lee McCulloch and Peter Leven's company before the Ross County game and he reckoned they were ready to walk away regardless of the result.
  9. Sound System

    Did he not comment / apologise for FB sound as he left the pitch at HT?
  10. How many managers........

    Ally McLeod, the day after we pumped their reserves at RP - well maybe won 1-0!
  11. Rangers match

    Get in!!!
  12. Rangers match

    He did last season...
  13. Scores Today

    Was wondering that too but does retro rule apply to this competition? Probably wouldn't be dealt with in time for our game anyway.
  14. Scores Today

    Let's hope today's League Cup Semi is an energy sapping 120 minute slug fest, with 3 players sent off for violent bahaviour!
  15. Brainstorm?

    What started out as a typo has become reality... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41684485

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