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  1. Ref got it right

    Clearly this one does. The frame used is after the point of contact, the trajectory of the ball is altered and Dicker's upward arm motion has continued. All in a fraction of a second. I've watched it in slow mo from the 2 camera angles and I can't conclusively call where the ball struck. How could the Ref? The new Clyde Phone-in host was urging his guests to watch it, putting it down as contentious. Mark Guidi then asked who the ref was and left it hanging - in a need you say anymore kinda way.
  2. Dundee match thread

    Dicker wipes the guy out for the sending off Tho he wouldn't have had to if ref had spotted yet another handball in the lead up. Looked at the pen on slow mo and it looks like it was the shoulder, although Dicker's arm goes up - much like when player's chest the ball. Poor decision.
  3. Dundee match thread

    Boydy was class. Telling the Ref to calm down and keep his cards in his pocket was genius - looked like we could have lost another player. Great finish to a well worked goal, with huge credit to Erwin in the build up. Has the penny dropped for big Lee that this could be his last chance to do something in the game? Someone is coaching a massive improvement in attitude into the big man.
  4. Sod for scotland

    We're down to 10 and everyone's dead on their feet, SOD picks the ball up on our 18, flys down the wing and sends a cross in and then you realise he's bypassed all of our outfield and no-one has even made it into the box. What an engine!
  5. Sod for scotland

    Hutton has retired from International Football. Think that Paterson at Cardiff is the main competition now he is fit. Actually struggling to think who was playing there in recent games, didn't Strachan throw Tierney in there with Robertson on the left?
  6. Strike for longer Mahrez

    Brian - do you know what a contract is?
  7. Home Attendance Tomorrow

    Ticket bought
  8. Total faith in SSC

    Win our 2 games in hand and we'll be looking up the table again, simples.
  9. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Newton Mearns now but originally Galston.
  10. Saturday

    What are the streets around RP like for parking? I usually park down the lanes around the Cadets but would imagine these will be dicey .
  11. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    Glad Gary Dicker made it, thot he might of cricked his neck watching that game last night...
  12. First post

    Hard to predict, but if SC sticks around and BB continues to invest (modestly - don't wish to bankrupt the guy!) this could be a rebirth of our great club. Rangers are still in turmoil, Hearts are a basket case. Top 6 with Dons & Hibs the best of the rest - could we reach Europe? Let's enjoy this ride!
  13. Who will be the first to beat them?

    Four now!! Don't know whether to laugh or cry, funkin hate Hertz.
  14. Well Match Day Thread

    Boyd (Scott!!)
  15. Sébastien Bassong

    Thought he bought a house at Rowallan Golf Course?

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