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  1. Jordan Jones

    Clearly goes through his legs. Watch it again with your glasses on
  2. Jordan Jones

    Aye you
  3. Dundee match thread

    Hardly, If referee him/her open their body and look up the way to box it’s not that difficult to see who is moving across the line / the penalty taker if he’s stopping still in his run up. Lino watches the keeper / goal line. Generally players do not spread themselves across the entire box so it’s an even smaller area to watch. Its just lazy refereeing in that they can’t take control between themselves and the Lino. Other countries seem to manage it
  4. Dundee match thread

    Lino should be watching the keeper / ball crossing line. Ref should be watching back into play watching any players entering box and the penalty taker. Between then it should be easy
  5. Dundee match thread

    There’s only 4 officials give them a break.... Pathetic officiating
  6. Ref got it right

    Has he ever had a good game reffing us? seem to recall even the papers commenting on his decisions last year. He’s young so SFA will see him as the messiah of reffing I’m sure.
  7. Happy Valentine's Day

    Killie are blue A*r are bl*ck Ian McCall’s a wa*k Lets hope he gets the sack
  8. Aaron Tshibola

    “I’m sure....” we’ll you either definitely did or didn’t. The person using the N word must have shouted it pretty loudly then if you definitely heard them shout it whilst the folk telling them off must have done it fairly quietly if your only “sure” of hearing a telling off. Strange no one else in east stand coming forward having heard it
  9. Aaron Tshibola

    I assume others around you heard it being shouted and not just you?
  10. Form under SSC and what’s next?

    I predict achieving our top flight status and SC using from now until the end of season to see who he needs to offload from squad and what areas he needs to strengthen. I then predict hel sort out contracts for those coming to an end and hopefully make some shrewd permanent / loan signings in the summer that will see us have a solid squad throughout.
  11. Line up face Brora Rangers

    I had my own game mate but my old boy and sisters went along with the dog to watch. They Said Brora were really good, all obviously playing for their cup spot. Was 4 going on 10 by all accounts. They get most of their goals from set pieces, strong in the air but vulnerable on deck at the back. Despite the cup run the vast majority of locals still want Tokely hunted. Iv actually got Brora next week so hoping Mulumbu and co tire them out on Saturday!!!
  12. Line up face Brora Rangers

    They’ll take about 300 genuine fans and I think maybe 300 more neutrals in form of local kids in youth teams, neutrals in area, family and friends. Be good day out. Tokely told his team at training on Monday they are going there to try and win and not sit in. I think they’ll struggle with our counter attacks and hitting on break as they’re very slow at the back
  13. Support.

    Once you buy a wee pin badge to wear to games it gets puts on
  14. Hawkshaw away to stranraer

    As is the highland league which got slated after the cup draw. Otherwise Brora wouldn’t have knocked out 2 league 1 teams in Stranraer and EF away from home. Sometimes folk just make assumptions on standards of leagues regardless of knowledge. I think League 1 has a lot of good players, some of who could be playing higher level if teams took a chance on them.
  15. Lawless is a classy midfielder imo. Bit of steel about him.

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