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  1. Who would you like relegated

    Definitely Hamilton after abandoning the last game when I was home
  2. gers away, Fred

    And someone has won the Super 6 jackpot
  3. gers away, Fred

    Just another standard victory against the Rangers.......I could get used to this !
  4. gers away, Fred

    Stadium is empty , best fans in the world they say
  5. gers away, Fred

    Free kick to killie! right on the box
  6. gers away, Fred

    Rangers hit the bar, very luck
  7. gers away, Fred

    Playing well on the attack at the moment
  8. gers away, Fred

    Power and McKenzie on for Boyd and tish
  9. gers away, Fred

  10. gers away, Fred

    Ahhh Brophy should’ve scored
  11. gers away, Fred

    Who is the ex rangers player that’s commentating?
  12. Stlll a great season

    3 words to sum it all up.... Devistated but Proud!
  13. Dons match fred

    Beating the rangers at ibrox this weekend will ease the pain Onwards and upwards
  14. Dons match fred

    Which end?
  15. Dons match fred

    I just had a heart attack

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