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  1. Motherwell away, Fred

    Great result. Starting to catch Hearts and pull away from Well.
  2. Motherwell away, Fred

    As it stands only 3 points behind Hearts with 2 games in hand!
  3. So many highs

    Aw I left when rangers got the penalty. Ah! Learned my lesson, never leaving a game early again lol.
  4. So many highs

    My work colleagues must be sick fed up hearing me harping on lol. The thing I noticed is a lot of my work colleagues and mates who are non Killie fans dont understand or relate to what we are experiencing. But one colleague yesterday asked me about the Dundee game and I could see as I was talking about the game and the joy over the recent months, it brought a smile to his face to see how enthusiastic and euphoric I was. One colleague thought I was drunk the morning after that game lol, was buzzing that much the next day haha. Dundee result was amazing but for me the Rangers game was better. The atmosphere that game was incredible!
  5. Points off of last season

    Motherwell are meant to have a few injuries. Might work in our favour. Would take a draw just to keep the momentum going but obv win would be great.
  6. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Cant wait for the game. Even better its not on telly, will take a bigger crowd. I'm even trying to get my non-Killie fans to go, one is a Rangers fan. Encouraged him on the basis as he's a Rangers fan he must hate Aberdeen and should therefore come support us. Lol.
  7. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    Cant wait for it. Grearing up to be a great day.
  8. Best Game at the new Rugby Park?

    Gers game was amazing, coming back and shutting there fans up os always pleasing. But that tonight has to be the best result, not necessarily game, but best result in a long while. Why couldnt it have been on a saturday, bloody work the mora, booooo.
  9. Lee Erwin

    He definitely had some good spells but still lacks that killer threat for me. That one bit of play when he went past 2 or 3 Dundee players was encouraging and great to watch. Hopefully he can capitalise going forward and get some goals. Get the impression he could be like Brophy, once starts scoring he will find a bit of form.
  10. Dundee match thread

    Unf**knbelievable! That eclipses the OF wins. Never thought I'd be saying that! Fair play to the players, could easily have let the heads go down when went to 2-1 and Dicker getting sent off, which was a beast of a tackle, lol. But yeah well done to the lads for not giving up. Dundee were the better team for most the game, really got at us, pressed high and we struggled with mostly long balls as our outlet. Brophy though! That lad has so much potential. Can see him taking over from Boyd eventually. Certainly wont forget tonight for a long time or the past few months. Someone pinch me!
  11. Disabled facilities at Rugby Park

    What idiot thinks that deserved a red card. If u dont agree then provide your thoughts and opinion why you dont agree, instead of being a twat.
  12. Community Hero

    Great to see this being implemented. There are a lot of people put there who dont get the recognition they deserve.
  13. Disabled facilities at Rugby Park

    It is a good point and something the club should look into. However, this guy using race and gender to emphasis his point shows a lack of intelligence. If he wants change then contact the club representatives for the disabled support and help implement changes. Dont just bitch and moan to the media.
  14. Dundee match info

    Dundee are top of the away form table.
  15. Celtic thread, Fred

    Sorry for ur loss.

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