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  1. Let's be realistic

    If being realistic .....our performances in recent weeks has been patchy with often our solid commitment and never give in attitude helped by few half time words from our Manager getting us some impressive wins .......so a defeat against another top 6 side was not too big a surprise . The squad under SC and AD have done wonders to be in the position we are just now and it's been one of most enjoyable seasons for a long time .... Yes as fans we dreamed of a European place and even stretching that winning run on for a few more games .......so it's a slight dispointment at the moment .....perhaps injuries and some other players now feeling leg weary will be an obstacle but hopefully we can see one or 2 more wins in the remaining games but whatever happens the coaching staff and squad deserve our praise and thanks for this excellent season
  2. Top 6 is it worth it ?

    Weird ....so weird
  3. RIP Rob Hamilton

    RIP, condolences to all the family
  4. Season tickets

    Would that not have disadvantaged existing ST holders though ----who had financially supported the club. One suggestion might have been a money off voucher given out for those attending the Aberdeen or Hearts game to get a reduction off the ST price -- would hope there is some sort of publicity at these home games at least in regard to ST details for next season
  5. Aberdeen game

    Is Brophy carrying an injury ? -- he has rarely played a full game in recent months even when on form he either is brought off early or used as an impact sub Hopefully we can get in front and put the pressure on Aberdeen ---- as Well showed their back line can be exposed if put under pressure
  6. Rory McKenzie

    bad news for the player to miss the end of the season as had been on a good run of form ---hope he recovers quickly
  7. Tickets V Rangers & Celtic

    an expensive few weeks coming up for those of us wanting to go to all the (away) games take it the delay on Hibs tickets is KFC still to be told by Hibs --- what the total allocation they are allowing us ?
  8. Taylor

    Its like positivity overload at moment at our club , hope it continues ...after some dire seasons and so many issues off the park it's great to enjoy the good times Well deserved for Taylor , he has improved season on season and this season his consistency for such a young player has been of very high standard
  9. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Decent article as we know from his brief time at the club ....he does like to talk, talk and talk and then try to put a spin on his "accomplishments" ....
  10. St Midden

    good to see them back -- and as said decent - and cheaper - away day trip there first day of the new season would be fun !!
  11. Second Place?

    happy to finish 5th anything more will be a huge huge bonus ----but we have nothing now to lose so can approach these games with no real pressure . The squad have worked so hard this season and I am sure SC will continue with same game plan and team motivation as seen so far---- hopefully the injuries clear up
  12. Aaron simpson

    looked ok at the start then made a couple of errors and he struggled for a period in first half ---but to his credit he came onto his game more in second half helped by the Management team's chat to all the team and the midfield upping their work rate and possession quality Unlike the left side where Taylor and Jones can team up and assist each other --we do not have an out n out wide right player in our system of play and likes of Power plays more inside ---so the RB can be asked to do a lot more both defensively and then to commit to long runs forward when we have the ball --so for any new player it will take time to adapt -- even more so if compared to SoD
  13. Have we ever

    Hope he hangs on, till we beat them (again)
  14. Still Moaning About JJ

    Correct , the balance of our team needs a player with pace ...there is a number of times where we are under pressure and Jones provides an excellent outlet to get the opposition on the back foot and bring our team forward. He has improved greatly this season Yes he has weak parts to his game that he still needs to improve but so does every player at our level There will again be interest in Jones other clubs in the summer window and he would be a big loss.....
  15. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    We stepped up a level or 2 after the half time chat from the Management duo ...and dominated possession a lot better ...our midfield which looked off the pace in first half showed thier class ..Mulumbu in second 45 was back on form and we got back to playing the quick passing and movement , Taylor and Jones partnership down the left was excellent . We could / should won more easily but great result , superb support and lot of fun chants ...

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