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  1. How much could we get for Jones?

    In Kiltie's absence Jones is one of the few players we have who can cause problems for the opposition , yes there are glaring weak parts to his game that needs work by the player and properly coached to improve on ......he is still at a relative young age and development when you consider his background before signed for us .... .I can see a few clubs willing to take a gamble on Jones
  2. NextWeek

    Higher Budget as in wages.... ..the outlay this season is far higher than recent years .both in the playing squad and backroom staff ...and would not be too surprised if in relative terms higher than few other teams LM was backed by the board and decent wages are getting paid to number of the new players .....question is was this playing budget utilised correctly...
  3. Alan Power

    Perhaps If he was playing regularly , well and team were doing OK..other issues would not seem as important in the short term at least
  4. Dom Thomas

    Relative quick journey from looking one of the better signings to be just another bench warmer....hopefully there is a lot more to come from him.. Baffling though that not brought on in last 15/20 mins today..
  5. NextWeek

    Next week ? ..odds on we will see yet another different line up and attempt at another different formation / tactic ....as LM tries vainly to make sense of , on the evidence so far - the large budget he has squandered ...or is it not properly made use of.. A good win may be a turning point and the team go on a winning run.. but there has been little seen so far to suggest we are capable of doing that..
  6. Dundee thread

    A point ...but overall yet another confusing performance ....LM is ever changing his team , formation etc....he seems to not have any idea as yet to his best team or even way of playing....leaving little cohesiveness or consistency
  7. Dundee thread

    Least trying to play .....badly need better quality though , Frizzell for one loses ball too cheaply
  8. Line up face Dundee

    Thought Waters played in midfield last week? Wilson could be fit for selection so will interesting to see what the line up is
  9. Home to Hibs 21st October postponed

    the run of away games Oct / November is not helped by the earlier hearts enforced switch ---financial wise though it will be a tough period for the club with little income coming in
  10. Game v Hibs on 21st October now off due to them qualifying for league cup semi finals on that weekend ...that will leave us at the moment with no home game in October just 3 visits to Glasgow....
  11. Line up face Dundee

    depending on the injuries -- this will be a interesting selection from McCulloch --after the events on Saturday and how the team seemed to look better only after he was forced to change the system due to the injury to Wilson Likes of Waters and Hawkshaw played well after many weeks of not getting utilised by LM -and should merit a place--- (though he may be tempted to include likes of Thomas , Boyd and S Smith if fit)
  12. Stevie Smith - whats the point?

    Said at end of last season if possible would have moved him on ....and brought in couple of better options in central midfield....for all his injury problems and fact he has gone from a slow left back to be a slow central midfielder with only a small number of better games for us. However LM at one of the pre season fans meetings said that he saw Smith and K Boyd as not only important playing members of his squad but also they know what he wants from a team so would be part of creating the right kind of "team spirit" in the dressing room......
  13. Dons Fred

    So we played better when the Manager's initial plans had to be changed ......and in a game where some of his earlier summer signings were absent if smith had been available would Hawkshaw even have got a place on the bench.........? Just hope the deserved point gives the team a boost and we can now get a win or 2 in the home games coming up Will be an interesting team selection next week
  14. Dons Fred

    Great result . no matter how it eventually happened .....but need to build on it next 2 home games
  15. Dons Fred

    And Smith is our captain.....ever missing even when fit . Power missing too.. O well yet another experiment line up from LM

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