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  1. Motherwell

    Looks like we gonna be stretched around midfield with Power,Dicker and Tshibola all out and Mulumbu doubtful.Will be interesting to see how the boss juggles things around for the game? For the first time in a good few weeks I'm not too confident ahead of this one. Hopefully we can pull something out the bag and get another victory or at least a draw.
  2. Any chance of a meet the manager

    Charge a few quid per ticket and put the money to charity?Boyds MH charity?
  3. Irvine Welsh

    Mainly the weight of them makes them tricky to carry around and read on the bus/train. Also they tend to be more expensive. Of course there are some coffee table style books which are excellent in hardback but in the main I purchase books to read and not to display.
  4. Any chance of a meet the manager

    Do you think the Hydro would be big enough?
  5. Neil Mccann

    Contrast with SC who says that basically when the players go onto the park the decisions are up to them.In many respects NM is like the fan who knows best what to do on the park. I think he does try to play football but his teams have the mark of him on them being cheating,sly and have a tendency to blame others when things go wrong! I'd happily see County and Dundee relegated to be replaced with St Midden and Morton!
  6. Neil Mccann

    I cant imagine he is popular with the lads after last nights and previous comments?
  7. Neil Mccann

    He just strikes me as being not very bright. Talks some absolute nonsense and has his obvious favourite teams. Was talking last week about how he had seen that Charly Musonda as a 12 year old and he was a superstar who was too good for Scotland!
  8. Pitch

    Why dont we keep it?Working fine for us just now?
  9. Motherwell: Weekend

    Any news on injured players?Mulumbu,Power and Brophy? Jones returns after suspension and Dicker now suspended. Steven McLean is the ref I'm afraid.
  10. Neil Mccann

    Wasn't at game but heard McCann on radio as I was driving through Dundee on way home from work. Interestigly he had a go at his team for their poor game management. However it could be argued that his substitution upset the rhythm of his team as according to Allan Preston Dundee were streets ahead and heading for a deserved victory.Why change things at that stage when things appeared to be going so well? I would imagine having publicly humiliated his players he will have some difficulty in motivating them in the future? I'm not sure I would be running through brick walls for my boss if he said such stuff about me in public?Whilst he was also very critical of the ref he did say it wasn't the refs fault they lost the game. Interestingly Allan Preston soon changed his mind and Killie ran out deserved winners in his opinion and SC should be the new Scotland manager!
  11. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    Don't forget your Wee Badge!
  12. Hospitality box

    That makes sense.Also BB is a very sensible businessman so would likely see how popular and succesful the first stage is prior to taking it to the next level. It was also rumoured that SC wouldn't allow construction work to take place whilst the team was trainig as the noise was a distraction.Now that is what I call professional from SSC!
  13. Hospitality box

    I thought it actually looked as though the building works had gone backwards and some of the construction had been removed? I did hear that the longer term plan was to extend the boxes all the way along? Interesting in many ways as it would busy up other areas of the stadium and could create a better atmosphere as well as making the place look much busier? It's mentioned elsewhere but I cant quite see how a training pitch would fit in around the car park? Of course the shop could be re located?
  14. Craig Slater

    Billy Dodds thinks we cant afford to have Dundee United in the championship! I am lead to believe that Slater would be on upwards of £5K per week before bonus.If sensible he could be set up for life with his 3 years at Colchester however what is more important?Cash or progressing your football career?
  15. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Wonder what games will be TV games?If its us it will no doubt be the early KO for maximum inconvenience.

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