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  1. Confidemus

    Ha , I thought you had got bored of our debate in the Boyd thread and were starting a new one in here
  2. Confidemus

    Me either, but that's not how I intended the post to be interpreted. More the reporting of the Old Firms' affairs, by the media, confirms and back-up their entitled nature. For example the Derek McInnes scenario in that because Rangers want him, they will get him. Turns out they never. But they thought they would. And the media backed-up and promoted this view. Confirming the sense of entitlement.
  3. Boyd

    Who or where has that been said?
  4. Boyd

    You need to re-read my post if this is aimed at me, I think I am the only person who has mentioned Scholes so I'm assuming it is. Never has the club anyone supported been a part of my argument, not once. The names of Dalglish, Gerrard, Scholes, Terry were used as the type of players that fans view as club legends and the way these players acted towards their club and fans to be considered as legends - ie not playing Simply the Best on the piano / welcoming people to "the most successful club in the world" - The type of behaviour that could be viewed as belittling or embarrassing to their current team. Anyway, it has absolutely nothing to do with who they did or didn't support.
  5. Confidemus

    "The entitled nature of Old firm fans is sickening" - agreed, and definitely a view confirmed and imposed by the media too! Decent piece and some good point made!
  6. Boyd

    Have you got a link to this, I'd be interested to read it! On the other two, yes he maybe did have contractual obligations/scripts to follow, but what about his contractual obligations to Kilmarnock? Should the company paying the wages of his primary employment not take priority? In either case it seems like we were the party playing second fiddle, again. We're the club that gave him his start, and a place to play before jumping ship to Rangers. Maybe we deserve not to come second to other clubs and TV deals etc sometimes too. Nevermind the embarrassment factor of it all. Thankfully SC seems to have reined this in and we're seeing him perform on the pitch these days, rather than off it.
  7. Boyd

    I was going to reference this when I was typing it out but I didn't want to detract from my post - this Internet is a serious business!
  8. Boyd

    Just on the divisiveness part of this post, if you remember a few months ago Boydie himself was a fairly divisive figure amongst Kilmarnock fans. To go down another route, away from his obviously impressive goal-scoring record, there's an 8 page thread, with various debate over his commitment to Killie here: This was just a few months ago, has everything been forgiven already? There's an awful lot of uproar in that thread for someone who is being revered as a club legend. A couple of highlights from that thread... Playing Simply the Best on the piano: Even the comment from the Twitter post is mocking us. And... Welcoming Kris Commons to "the most successful club in the world": Would a Kilmarnock club legend, say a Montgomerie or Burns, have done something like that while playing with us? Is that not a bit embarrassing to Kilmarnock to have a current player and supposed club legend being so openly disrespectful to the club paying his wages? Would a Dalglish, Gerrard, Scholes, Terry or any other player who fans deem as "club legends" get away with insulting their fanbase the same way and still be considered a legend by the fans? It just doesn't sit well with me, and a few months ago it didn't sit well with a lot of other Killie fans either. It's a funny old game.
  9. Boyd

    Legend is a subjective word to be fair, I'm sure the older ones will have plenty (McIlroy etc) but during my time the first names that come to mind when I'm asked about club legends would be Montgomery and Burns. We've had some brilliant players (Eremenko, Durrant), some fantastic servants (Pascali, Dindeluex) and some fantastic goalscorers (Wright, Boyd) but if we're talking club legends I'd possibly go with Monty and Burns.
  10. Boyd

    Fair point, but I probably wouldn't be as detailed as that tbh, it's only coming across that way because the conversation is on the forum, being debated with numerous people. Out in the "real world", if someone asked me if I thought Kris Boyd was a Kilmarnock legend I'd say "no, but he's been a fantastic goalscorer for us".
  11. Boyd

    I'm sure they do, and that's exactly their right - nobody is right and wrong here, it's all about opinion. I am playing devil's advocate, to an extent. I can see that other side of the argument too, and I agree his goalscoring record is off the charts. To me he is definitely a goalscoring legend for us and I'm glad he's with us again. However, to me a club legend requires a bit more loyalty to the club. A club legend doesn't leave to join the opposition the minute a better offer comes along. Twice.
  12. Boyd

    To be fair, in the very next paragraph of my post you'll see I cover that very point with a question: Also in reference the "his goals kept us in the league" argument: Kevin Kyle's goals kept us in the league in 2009/10 - is he a club legend?
  13. Lee McCulloch

    He'd make a fantastic scout, but don't think he'd appreciate the big role demotion! Can't say anything bad about him, it didn't work and he knew when to go. And he seems a genuinely decent bloke.
  14. Boyd

    Well constructed and eloquently put argument, did that take you long to think up? Would you care to elaborate as to why you disagree, or would it be too much trouble to think up more than two words, one of which is an expletive? You crazy cat.
  15. Boyd

    I understand the mechanics of the business behind the decision, but good grace would have been to sign a new contract, in the same way as Naismith did, knowing Rangers (and others) were interested. It was a foregone conclusion that we weren't going to be able to hang on to him, it would have been nice to maximise our potential return (by getting more than the £400k transfer fee + the £20k he gave the youth development) at the same time. By the time he left us for the second time, he had made his money in the game so didn't need to chase the final paycheck as some do. It could be argued that these are not the actions of a club legend, putting yourself before the club in such a way. Speaking of moving on because of time-lapsed: There are a number of similarities between the way both Boyd and, a few years before him, Andy Millen left the club. There were a lot of unhappy fans when it was announced that Millen could be returning as youth team coach and some, on the forum particularly, were pretty vocal about it. That was 20+ years ago and Millen is still vilified for the way he left us yet Boyd, who left us under similar circumstances, is revered as a club legend. Something doesn't add up. How can we hate one and idolise another? Would we have hated Boyd if he hadn't come back? Do his goals mean everything else gets swept under the carpet? I am not a Boyd-hater by any means, I'm glad he's with us and delighted he's scoring goals and enjoying his football again. I even stand by the fact he is a goal-scoring legend for us but I just can't agree that he's a club legend.

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