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  1. Dundee @ RP

    MacDonald SOD Greer Broadfoot Taylor Dicker Tshibola Mulumbu Brophy Boyd Kiltie
  2. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    McFadden suggests Clarke could be a short term fix. If worst comes to worst this wouldn’t be so bad but if he does well with Scotland it could be like putting him in the shop window for bigger clubs. Not very keen..
  3. We Did It!

    So we get a fan on the board now?
  4. 49 pages and 4 signings later. Keep this up and we’ll set the record for player speculation in the summer...
  5. Apparently Joleon Lescott and Kieran Richardson have signed (CB and Wing-back). Just a rumour but be good to see it come to fruition. Hoping Clarke can also bolster us in attack somehow. 3 or 4 signings that add to the team would be perfect.
  6. County away Fred

    2-0. F*ck sake
  7. County away Fred

    County goal. Damn
  8. The Lee McCulloch Is Gone Thread

    Bring back King Kenny!
  9. tic (a) 08/08/17 (bet) fred

    Still remember last season we were beat 6-1 at parkhead. Celtic are and always will be better than us. Game is meaningless. Need to pick our heads up and ensure we beat Hearts.
  10. Whats everyones starting 11.....

    Bell O' Donnell Greer Boyd Waters Taylor Power(Cmon and show us what you can do) Thomas Burke Jones Erwin Against Celtic we need pace on the breakaways so Jones and Thomas on the wings, and Erwin up top who will be much better than Boyd as our lone striker. Burke brings needed experience and we should look to him to control the tempo of the game and find the killer pass on the counter-attack. Greer and Boyd are no nonsense defenders with experience and should be a good pairing in central defense. Taylor also plays as a CM as seeing as dicker is out he should hopefully bring some steel to the middle. Not sure about Frizzell as this game could run away from him, so bringing in Power, who hopefully his tenacity works in our favour. Lastly, playing Waters and O' Donnell in the FB positions as they need to prove themselves still.
  11. Hard man midfielder.

    Could do with signing one of Accies' bruisers, can't remember his name but we need a total bum who can disrupt opposition attacks and strike fear into players. A Paolo Di Canio type
  12. Miles Storey

    If we got him and a solid, fit, defensive midfielder, I'd be optimistic.
  13. Summer Signings

    Think we should play Broadfoot at RB. We don't need an overlapping fullback in that position as our team is loaded with wingers and Thomas has been great so far. Moving Broadfoot over opens up the CB position for either young Higgins who is tenacious and would benefit playing alongside experience, or Scott Boyd who is solid. Then Taylor at LB. Think this may solve our defensive worries until o' Donnell is better. In midfield it is apparent we sorely miss Dicker, as for now, I'd play Frizzell and Wilson with Thomas and Jones in front and Erwin and Boyd up top.
  14. 3 home games and the celtic game

    Agree, woeful midfield
  15. St Johnstone (H) Match Fred

    Another piss poor first half so far. Hoping its better in the second

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