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  1. Dons Fred

    I'm feart to say anything. I merely reiterated what was said to me. Least they tried to play the ball on the deck yesterday.
  2. Dons Fred

    No I heard from a good source the players collectively asked Jig to leave at the beginning of the game. maybe they now realise they are not doing what the management are requesting?? I also said last week that Greer was an unsettling influence or words to that effect, I got 7 red cards. Hes a great player but meant to be a bit of an ass.
  3. Dons Fred

    Agree pal, lets hope the players waken up now. Heard on the radio the players asked McCulloch to leave dressing room and had a closed door chat. Lets hope this is a wee turning point. Mon E Killie
  4. Dons Fred

    Well I am happy with that. Hopefully the turning point. We have played arguably top six teams outwith Hamilton. I'M happy safe journey lads and a good night to all, even my enemies. You know who you are.
  5. Dons Fred

    No over I know but Im sure we all are happy with a draw??
  6. Dons Fred

    Ha ha , apparently taking lessons
  7. Dons Fred

    Thanks pal, glad im no getting slaughtered. I would like nothing more than Erwin to rattle one in. Nails gone here.
  8. Dons Fred

    Ok smart arse all season, FFS I will say nowt, just said like others on here he looks slow, overweight, uninterested look I will say no more.
  9. Dons Fred

    Am no biting your my mate noo LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Dons Fred

    Yip agree with Erwin comment, been saying that all year. Its as if he dont care at times.
  11. Dons Fred

    Yaaaaaaaasssssssss. Now we need a St Johnstone comeback
  12. Line up face Aberdeen

    Oh here we go. I've apologized. Skygod accepted. So why r u involved. Joke BTW.
  13. Line up face Aberdeen

    Cheers pal. Lu really. Interesting line up. It's just I like football on the ground. The best I've seen in a long time was PSG. Yes I know ten zillion quid but lovely to watch. Fingers crossed lads. And DuncD. Kidding before u go mental
  14. Line up face Aberdeen

    OK DuncD. It's about opinion. I'm not critical I clearly see football different from others on here. I've watched football at all levels all my life. This morning I took in a kids game. All the parents shouted was get in harder. Shoot. Get the ball away. So I'm sorry but disagree with this style of play. No I'm not family. Nor am I a Wee guy. I've two boys who play one six foot. One about five six. There is a place for all imo. I seem to annoy you so I won't comment now. Apologies skygod if I've offended. And no the names of frizz and Rory are not related. I simply care for Scottish development. Whether your big. Wee it takes all sorts. Sorry for being RIDICULOUS. Maybe some on here will agree
  15. Line up face Aberdeen

    Thanks mate. Its a funny old game we are all experts, we all have opinions

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