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  1. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    It must be a great boost to the players to have someone the calibre of Steve Clarke walk into the dressing room and introduce himself as you new boss. It’s bound to spur every one of them on to do well and impress him
  2. Jags away fred

    Great win today and keeps us in the mix coming into a tough run of games, so hopefully shouldn’t be cut adrift regardless what happens! Glad to hear Power looked solid, always thought there was a player in there if managed correctly. Early days but hopefully he keeps it going
  3. Thistle game turn out

    Would love to go along today but unfortunately in Newcastle this weekend. Hopefully a good loud turnout to cheer on the team and we can take something for the game
  4. Next Manager Thread

    Absolutely delighted with this news! What is also great is the positivity from all the fans as well, not seen any negative comments about it. Hopefully this will galvanise the fans and clubs and get us moving in the right direction. Also credit to Bowie, Kiltie and co for pushing the boat out for this, now it’s time for us fans to do our part!! Welcome to Killie Steve!
  5. Next Manager Thread

    Its been mentioned previously but now is the time for the fans to stand up and be counted. Bowie and co have done their bit by getting us one of the highest profile managers in our history. We now need to do our bit by turning up in numbers at RP, signing up to TIK and giving Clarke as much backing as possible
  6. Next Manager Thread

    Im really hoping the delay on any announcement is just the back and forth between Clarke and the club to try and finalise terms. Surely if Clarke wasn’t keen or was going to be way out of our price range then he would have been ruled out the running early on. I can’t imagine we’re still interviewing anyone now at this stage so hopefully things might become clearer by the weekend.
  7. Next Manager Thread

    I really don’t need know what to believe at the moment. Between the bookies odds, stories in the press and what people on here are saying, it’s all pretty conflicting. My heart is saying it should be Clarke but my head is saying it’ll be Mixu that gets it
  8. Next Manager Thread

    The longer this is going on the more I feel we’re going to be really underwhelmed with who is appointed. The possibility of Clarke potentially taking the job just seems too good to be true and we’re getting our hopes up only to be disappointed by who eventually gets it. I really hope I’m wrong though.
  9. Next Manager Thread

    Steve Clarke would be a fantastic appointment! Has coached at great clubs and workers under some terrific managers. It all feels a little to good to be true and we’re getting our hopes and will be disappointed when Mixu or McIntyre are unveiled. Keeping my fingers crossed in the meantime it’s going to be Clarke!
  10. Next Manager Thread

    It all comes down to who we can afford but off the top of my head some like Paul Lambert, Steve Clarke, Alan Stubbs or Alex Mcleish. These guys have a good playing and managerial experience. Whether they’d want to come to us or we could afford them is a different story. I just think we need to look a bit further afield than the usual Scottish merry go round of managers that are mentioned on here like Hughes, Houston etc
  11. Training

    If these stories about the training are true then good riddance to the pair of them. Youll never be successful in any sport if your not in peak condition. The fact players have asked for extra training to help with their fitness and been told to do it themselves just sums up really why we are where we are right now. I was not a fan of Lee Clark but at least he had the players in top condition, which probably masked many of his failings by making us competitive at least, which can’t be said for us right now
  12. You are the new manager who would you keep!

    Unfortunately the manager will be stuck with the current crop until January unless he can unearth a gem of a free agent who plays centre midfield. That said I still think there is enough in our squad to make us competitive when the players are properly managed playing in a system that plays to their strengths. Oh and also being at top fitness as well. I would be happy to see Broadfoot,Boyd,Burke, Smith and Mckenzie also moved on. I’m still unsure about Power as I do wonder if the new manager can get him fully fit and we might still possibly see the player we thought we’d signed in the summer
  13. The Lee McCulloch Is Gone Thread

    I really wanted Lee to do well but the way things were going it couldn’t be enough left any longer and this had to be done. Hopefully the board take a few days and thoroughly look at everyone who applies or shows interest. There are more managers out there looking for work than just Houston, Hughes, Hartley, McIntyre etc and it’s vital we get this appointment right
  14. Dons Fred

    Great result and by all accounts performance yesterday, not many teams will take points away from pittodrie this season. Still struggling to get too excited by it but I think that's due to what we've seen in the 5 games prior to this. The next 3 games are huge, home to Dundee and RossCo and away to Thistle and a big chance to kick on. They're teams who will be in and around us this season and we need to be taking points from them. 6/7 points in the minimum return we need from these because if not we could be getting cut adrift already and then LMs position would have to be seriously be under review
  15. Hamilton Accies Match Fred 26-8-17

    Glad to see Wilson moved into midfield in place of Mckenzie but I don't get what LM thinks Boyd contributes to the team up front that warrants starting every game? Surely he can see how immobile and off the pace he is every week

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