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  1. Steven Naismith

    Just repeating rumours from Jambo forum.
  2. Saturday

    We are bringing in help from Hamilton Accies ground staff. No worries about game.
  3. Message for Jordon

    Rangers look set for ten in a row. Who can stop them?
  4. Message for Jordon

    That won't last!
  5. Message for Jordon

    We've just sold Andy Kerr to Sunderland for £30000. No chance of us winning the league now!
  6. Steven Naismith

    Sign your name!
  7. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    So I should allow him to watch or read anything? No restrictions? Tell him its OK to go to school and call people "black b@stards" and revel in being up to his knees in blood? How would YOU explain to a primary school child that its OK to call some people "black b@stards" but not others? Can he use the term all the time? Maybe call his teacher that term too?
  8. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    We used to have "gollies" on marmalade jars. Some people threw bananas at black players. Times change. Using "PC" is just a poor excuse for justifying your actions. I have a season ticket for my grandson but I don't take him as I don't want to have to explain to him about rivals being "black b@stards" and how we revel in being up to our knees in their blood. I wonder how many others are put off from attending by these offensive lyrics?
  9. Songs

    Why not ask him? Suspect you might get a different response.
  10. Songs

    "Clear reference"? Interestingly some on this forum suggest "black" relates to them being "dirty" while others say it's related to the colour of their strip. So it is far from clear. What is very clear is that the black players in our squad would find it offensive to hear us chanting "black bast@rds". It is also offensive to sing about being up to our knees in A*r blood. We could easily have less offensive words which we would be happy for our children and grandchildren to sing.
  11. Songs

    Just as we should stop being up to our knees in Ayr blood.
  12. Cup tie prices

    Optimistic as ever we've even advertised the replay date!
  13. "Angus" the sheep??

    I can only remember the sheep wandering round terracing at reserve matches in the early 1960s. It had a healthy diet of chocolate, crisps and fag ends.

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