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  1. Season tickets

    No need for ageism. This oldie has already been informed by the club through social media and direct email.
  2. Season tickets

    The club is hoping more fans will turnip. :-)
  3. Wenger, Rogers and managerial merrygoround

    No one has mentioned Murty for any of these big jobs!
  4. Modernised Ticketing System

    Just read back through the forums to see how many fans had great difficulty getting tickets for games. It might be OK if you live or work in Killie but if you are out of town it is a bind with a hefty extra cost if you want tickets posted. E-ticketing is the way forward. Makes tickets more accessible and cuts down on staff costs, both at point of sale and at turnstiles.
  5. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Alphabetically they were close to the top!
  6. Have we ever

    I think he'll last another 5 matches
  7. Club Statement

    Thus cannot happen as they would need to play each other the day the title would be decided!
  8. Club Statement

    It's annoying that everything revolves round Celtic and The Rangers. Fixtures have to be changes so that Celtic shouldn't win the league while playing Rangers, TV companies decide which games they want to broadcast and get the fixtures juggled to suit. It's just wrong the dates and times of football matches are set by those NOT attending!
  9. Stephen O'Donnell & Steve Clarke

    Fixed it for you :-)
  10. Hamilton away

    Most likely, given their meagre support
  11. The "What Colour is Oxford Blue" Thread

    Oxford Blue (colour) Oxford Blue is the official colour of the University of Oxford. The official Oxford branding guidelines set the definition of Oxford Blue as Pantone 282, equivalent to the hex code #002147. With a hue code of 212, this colour is a very dark tone of azure. Rainbow Ink can fix this for us!!! :-) Isn't it great that this is all we have to be concerned with on a Saturday!
  12. Who will you choose?

    That'll look good on the back of your shirt!
  13. Thistle Away 7th April

    Go to Kelvinbridge, use the footway under Great Western Road to come up on other side and walk up North Woodside Road, left into Mount St, right onto Raeberry St, left onto Maryhill Road. 15 minutes. Google maps is your friend!
  14. Jordan Jones

    Quote "Too many words mate, nobody reads paragraphs of pish from folk they don't know,"
  15. Boyhood Celtic fan

    Someone posted this a while ago. In it he says he is a Killie fan, not that it really matters but SMSM love to tar us all with Rangers of Celtic brush.

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