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  1. Sheep home, Fred

    McLean goal is brutal, more so for lack of closing down than Fassan who I initially blamed.
  2. Sheep home, Fred

    We were not good enough today, but the whole game was disrupted from the start by a hoover of a referee who sucked in everything Aberdeen gave him. This has been a good season of Scottish football, but Neil Lennon is right in that the standard of refereeing really hurts our game. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you have ridiculous daft officials most weeks making erroneous mistakes. Aberdeen play into this better than any team in the top flight and as much as they have a higher budget and a better caliber of player it’s their gamesmanship that stands out most about their play. That’s why as soon as the officials don’t buy it they get humped. Case in point first Motherwell goal last week, handball isn’t given so Aberdeen take the huff and pack up. Brutal mob and make it even worse as they could be a good football team, but as is they’re just the posh Hamilton. Nice to see them always fail miserably when it comes down to the important stuff.
  3. Tshibola

    Heard he got gout from a virus he got while rolling his ankle on international duty.
  4. Modernised Ticketing System

    MaybeI'm back to front here but if Kilmarnock get the system in then it solves none of the complaints in this thread. How often do we have ticketed games at Rugby Park? The issues is tickets for away games which would still be an issue. It's a national system that we need, anything else is half measures.
  5. Next season's incoming players...

    He may sign one extra full-back that he can thinks can play both sides. He has played Simpson at both right and left-back so it may be somebody like that. Also hopefully some of the centre-half cover that we will need to sign may be able to do a job at full-back
  6. Next season's incoming players...

    Hopefully not for much longer. The end of Stevie Smith is the only benefit of this season finishing.
  7. Cup Semi-Finals

    Got to finish 3rd now, I cannot support either of the filth in a final.
  8. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

  9. Club Statement

    Talk about getting stressed out over nothing. You said the split was boring, I said this year it wasn't. Fact is this year it's not and you've agreed. I said nothing else about anything except that most teams have something to play for. We have 5 games and I'm looking forward to all of them. I'll just enjoy these next 6 games till the summer and you can continue your absolute conniption about the SPFL, other planets, The Rangers, finsh and whatever else is on your mental coupon.
  10. Club Statement

    Can't agree with the boring comment. We have 5 big games coming up with something to prove and something to play for. That's also true for another 7 out of the 12 clubs. That to me is a lot more exciting that rounding out the season with meaningless games and meandering to the final day.
  11. Greg Taylor contract

    He is one of our best players so should be paid as such regardless of his age. I’d happily give him Stevie Smiths whole wage as a raise.
  12. Next season's incoming players...

    How can it be a no-brainier? We don’t have unlimited finances. I would much rather bring in someone younger who will be here for the next three years than speculate on how much Miller has left.
  13. Next season's incoming players...

    I don't think on the wage he would command that he would be a good addition. I think our budget would be much better spent on some guys aged 23 - 28 in the peak of their career that we can get a few years out of.
  14. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Highlights are garbage.

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