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  1. Safe standing area

    I’d pay the 80 quid right now for priority on the seat.
  2. Message for Jordon

    Tommy Coyne signing or what?
  3. Winterbreak Games

    My grammar there was terrible to be fair. I should avoid the phone keyboard.
  4. Winterbreak Games

    Is the winter break so established now that it has become a blend word?
  5. Steven Naismith

    Any news on Coulibaly...........
  6. Mulumbu

    They the same group as Daily Record I take it?
  7. Let the guy enjoy his transfer window.
  8. JJ

    When the English clubs go shopping in Europe they always over pay as those clubs know that when they knock them back they will take the huff and come back with an over inflated fee. It’s happens time and time again. Scottish clubs are in the minority when we sell at the first bid. Also the inverse is true which is why Salah was on loan for two years and eventually went for peanuts. The ridiculous wages they pay also means that they can’t shift over expensive duds to the continent as no one will pick up the tab, hence all the loans of guys on huge salaries.
  9. JJ

    Is that not in reference to the papers? That is totally fair. If a newspaper says £1mil rated I read we will probably receive £350k.
  10. Cup tie prices

    No chance of Hamilton replay. We are playing 20th, 24th, 27th and 31st already.
  11. Winter break

    Exactly. International tournaments are 4 weeks, its literally a fortnight either side. Each season Scottish clubs go out earlier in Europe so that's no excuse anymore. Also I'm sure that we are the most northern country on our hemisphere to play winter football. I'm sure we would lose a few people to summer golf, but I'll take that no problem to the general uptake in crowds and in particular kids that we would see at Rugby Park.
  12. Jordan Jones

    Jeezo mate, that's a blinder.
  13. Pie stalls

    But your points not valid at all though is it. The thread is a complaint about customer service which is totally valid. The solution probably lies in implementing express ques via the use of an app which charges a service fee so the upkeep is paid for by itself. Not a difficult thing to do, but Scottish football grounds are in the dark ages when it comes to being customer friendly.
  14. Jamie Macdonald

  15. Crowd tomorrow

    What’s the attendances of clubs in towns with similar population? Except Dunfermline cause their attendances are bollocks.

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