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  1. Crowd Tomorrow

    @Blackislekillie is coming down for this, so that's one extra at least!
  2. Old RP

    My first ever away game was a Saturday at Shawfield. Clyde won 4-1 and Derek Frye ran riot (Craig Brown was Clyde manager at the time).
  3. Quarter Final Tickets

    It wasn't as cheap as £17 return kbp- nice work- it was £60...but I do like the train and I don't grudge it when it's for the Ayrshire Killie. Stevie Clarke wants a support up there, and I'm happy to oblige.
  4. Quarter Final Tickets

    That's my train tickets purchased now as well. C'mon the Killie!!
  5. Callum Waters

    Waters will now be a team mate of another ex-Killie youngster- Lewis Morrison signed for Sligo earlier this year.
  6. Quarter Final Tickets

    Got mine today.
  7. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Sounds good to me, kbp.
  8. Michael Gardyne

    What a bizarre story!
  9. Motherwell away, Fred

    SC said on the radio after the game that he was told when he took the job the target was to get the team away from the bottom of the league, and as far as he was concerned that remained the target. Jonathan Sutherland then said if you win your games in hand you could be right in amongst Hearts and Hibs etc. and what did SC think about that? He replied: "I think if is the biggest word in football..." I could listen to him speak all day long.
  10. Daniel Woodrell

    I've been working my way through the novels of Daniel Woodrell and was wondering if anyone else had read any of his work. I guess "Winter's Bone" is probably his most famous book (due to the film version starring Jennifer Lawrence) and arguably his best, although I particularly liked his American Civil War novel, "Woe To Live On" (the basis for another film, "Ride With The Devil"). His writing has been labelled "country noir" and he himself as "a back-country Shakespeare" due in no small part to his novels "Tomato Red", "The Death Of Sweet Mister" and "Give Us a Kiss" being, like "Winter's Bone", set amongst the poor white people of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. Hillbillies, I suppose, and Woodrell is one.
  11. Buses to aberdeen

    I don't think it goes through the Bhill anymore, @Neilly. You have to get to the Turf corner in Irvine.
  12. Irvine Welsh

    How so?
  13. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

    Thanks for recommending this book, @jasper. If I'm being honest, if you hadn't I would have dismissed this novel as mere "chick-lit" and ignored it and that would have been my loss- it is a work darker and much deeper than anything from that genre. I was interested to see Janice Galloway's name in the list of acknowledgements, as it was her own meditation on female loneliness and mental health, "The Trick Is To Keep Breathing", that immediately sprung to mind as I was reading "Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine". Of course, she is anything but fine at times- a physically and psychologically scarred young woman whose traumatic past haunts her but you hope that as the novel ends, she will be completely fine. I think she will be. I managed to work out the "twist" concerning her conversations with Mummy about halfway through. I liked her relationship with Raymond and I agree that her attempts to navigate through various social situations were hilarious. I've found myself missing Eleanor's voice now I've finished reading.
  14. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    SC said he did not want an early kick off and was hopeful of a large Killie support. I think it's great that it is 3pm on the Saturday. I'm going.
  15. Quarter Final Tickets

    I haven't been to Pittodrie in years. Looking forward to it already.

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