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  1. Jimmy Nic.

    I've always liked Jimmy Nicholl. Good to see him back in Scottish football.
  2. Jags away fred

    As the man sitting behind me said: "stick that on one of your videos!"
  3. Jags away fred

    I think his range of passing and his ability to find space is a joy to watch. He is such an elegant player I think- even when he plays "brutal".
  4. Partick 0 Killie 2 14/10/17

    This was maybe the hardest MoM to pick, because I thought everybody played well yesterday but Greg Taylor was outstanding in midfield and really looked like he relished playing in there.
  5. Jags away fred

    I really enjoyed the game yesterday. There was a great atmosphere around where I was sitting, everybody being positive and singing. Partick, even when not at their best, are not the worst team I've ever seen so we are due a bit of credit for the win. I love watching Adam Barton play football. Stevie Clarke's appointment has certainly energised the support but fair play to Paul McDonald for picking the team he wanted to pick.
  6. Next Manager Thread

    Fergie looks a bit uncomfortable...piles playing up?
  7. Dapo Kayode

    As The Daily Record used to say (every week)- "Dapo Kayode remains out".
  8. Assistant Manager

    Kevin Keen.
  9. Next Manager Thread

    For what it's worth, "The Sunday Mail" has it between either Jim McIntyre, Gary Holt or Mixu- with the appointment to be possibly announced tomorrow evening. Stevie Clarke and Jorge Costa applied but "neither candidate figured in a round of interviews conducted this week to whittle down a list from over 50 applicants".
  10. Best Takeaway in Kilmarnock/East Ayrshire?

    I would not recommend Captain Romy's in Crosshouse. Overcooked scampi and under-cooked chips. Not good.
  11. Duncans Bar & Bistro, Harbour Arts Centre

    Fair enough. Each to their own.
  12. Damned Rebel Bitches

    I went to see this play last night at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine. It was the first time I had been in the theatre there and it is a small intimate venue that I wouldn't think twice about visiting again. The play is ostensibly the story of 80 year old Ella and her sister Irene, orphaned during the Clydeside blitz, their lives in 1950s America and return to Scotland and a subsequent adventure in New York during 2012's Hurricane Sandy, but it also pays homage to an entire post-war generation of women who refused to let life defeat them. It was funny, exciting, touching and life-affirming; a love story and also something of a ghost story with Ella's husband and Irene haunted by their experiences during the war (Pete fought in the Far East and Irene's visions of wolves taunting her are linked to her witnessing a dog savaging her mother's dead body during the blitz). The title is a disparaging quote from the Duke of Cumberland, speaking in reference to Jacobite women, which the play subverts and turns into a badge of honour. I left the theatre thinking not only about the play but also about my (sadly long gone) grannies.
  13. I was in here last night before seeing a play in the theatre at the HAC in Irvine. You can get three selected courses for £13.95- I had baked goats cheese with a beetroot salad and balsamic vinegar dressing to start, chilli con carne with rice, sour cream and tortilla chips for main and a Belgian waffle sundae for pudding. All very very tasty and a bargain. Plus a pint of Tennents is only £3...I had three.
  14. Thistle game turn out

    I haven't been to Firhill for years but I'm going this time.
  15. Food Bank Collection

    Good to hear- well worth it.

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