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  1. Thistle home Fred

    They were asking on Off The Ball tonight if this is the first time Killie have scored five goals at home since the Eintracht Frankfurt game?! Eh- no it's not.
  2. Thistle home Fred

    I thought Mulumbu's touch and control and passing were excellent. He was obviously done in in the 2nd half and the manager knew it as well and acted accordingly. The third goal killed Partick, especially as it came against the run of play a bit- they had plenty of the ball at the start of the 2nd half. A great weekend for us.
  3. There was a bomb scare in the stand at Brockville once. Instead of evacuating the ground, they just asked the spectators in the stand to get onto the pitch. Those of us in the terracing watched as punters and players stood around waiting for the all clear and the game to resume (Killie were winning 1-0 at the time). I don't remember how long the delay lasted but Killie held on for the win and no one gave a thought that we could all have been blown to smithereens.
  4. KFC Disabled Supporters Association Xmas Party

    Looks like it did inspire the team to three points!
  5. Tommy Burns' debut

    Just looked through the books I've got, no mention of the exact date. Sorry.
  6. On This Day

    I remember being at Celtic Park that day in absolute disbelief that we were up 2-0. I also remember Celtic just kept passing and passing and passing the ball- TB style.
  7. Hurlford Juniors

    Graeme Neil is the name of their new manager and interestingly the Darvel chairman approached him about taking the job rather than him applying (he was U-20s coach at Bonnyton, another ambitious outfit). I'm intrigued to see who the player with the Killie connection is. I hope Darvel get promoted again- they obviously realise they won't have a better chance than this season, with the number of places available. The more Ayrshire sides in the top division of the Juniors the better, as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I thought this article was quite interesting. I never realised that was Celtic's first penalty in the league this season on Wednesday https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/1914493/celtic-penalty-premiership-rangers-aberdeen-hibs-hearts/ Killie still awaiting our first!!
  9. St Andrews Day

    Disappointed that "Campbeltown Loch (I wish you were whisky)" is not on the playlist.
  10. Rick & Morty

    Funny and a bit mental and also at times poignant-
  11. Shropshire

    Apparently Shropshire was officially known as Salop from 1974-1980.
  12. Motherwell

    Brendan Rogers says he has "a group of players who are super-honest" and his team "like to win on the scoreboard but we also like to do it by being the most sporting team" (The Sun).
  13. TIK T shirts idea

    I quite fancy McEachran & McNab & McCafferty & McQuilter.
  14. Rick & Morty

    Has anyone else ever seen this cartoon about hard drinking scientist/inventor Rick and his grandson Morty and their adventures in space and time?
  15. That's very much Andy Walker's philosophy. Go down in the box and let the ref make a decision- if you get called a cheat, big deal.

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