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  1. Next Manager Thread

  2. Next Manager Thread

    aye cos it's a great day oot if the fitba s**te
  3. Next Manager Thread

    nonsense were s**te to watch and if there's a product it will turn around simple as that even in the past killie people only went when it was decent to watch like every other club
  4. Next Manager Thread

    yes plus the fact our players are pish whoever comes in we need at least 4 players to steady the ship who can bring that in they will get the job
  5. how bad are our footballers

    Yes and where has this got our club you just answered by admitting they are not good enough ya numpty this proves there not good enough by the position were in
  6. how bad are our footballers

    childish typical numpty on this site I'm out
  7. how bad are our footballers

    I rate Greg just the fact he hasn't been available he is the most promising youngster we've got we keep banging on about who's injured like him and dicker there no going to save us on there own our youngsters are getting the chance to prove themselves and it shows there not been good enough . abroad idiot
  8. how bad are our footballers

    check how many games in 2 years
  9. how bad are our footballers

    check how many games in 2 years
  10. how bad are our footballers

    aye how many good games has he had mr tumble
  11. The Board

    i followed killie for over 40 years and we had some bad teams but know we are fulltime and we had good players who were part time so there is know excuse now for a young player who has those facilities 7 days a week at there disposal sometimes over coached just let them play there natural game and see what happens
  12. The Board

    Yes but we haven't been consistent for years one reselt now and again isnt good enough
  13. how bad are our footballers

    ah no got an answer just abuse sign of ignorance
  14. Next Manager Thread

    erimenko must have good connections with his father also knowing good players and if we get the right man in then we will see how our youngsters are
  15. how bad are our footballers

    honestly do you actually watch the game frizzel couldn't trap a bag of cement that's the basics Wilson is a defender know more ,killte no played for 2 years almost get over that he's still got a lot to prove and taylor is the easiest lb to play against in our league

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