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  1. Jamie Mac Donald

    He maybe suspect at crossballs but time and time again earns points for Killie. If he was world class he wouldnt be at Rugby Park, Earned his wage again.
  2. Willie Miller - Intellect of the year !!!!!

    Football is a game of opinions, they are like arseholes, Everybody has got one.....boom boom
  3. Motherwell

    Spot on..euro numbers please
  4. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Can we close this thread, its a non event, Steve Clarke will have the final say if he wants the poisoned chalice or not, and if people actually listen, he has unfinished business atRugby Park. Jesus,the guy has even settled in yet
  5. Seven-in-a-row

    Was at the game when Bobby Street scored a hat- trick in a 3-1 victory when Best played, almost certain Hibs played in a Bukta sponsored shirt when shirt sponsors were just coming in...the hoops days
  6. Steve Clarke seems to think so,not interested in signing anyone unless somebody leaves..quite happy with what hes got.
  7. Replica Shirts Issued

    The first kit I remember getting for my Xmas was the hooped kit with blue shorts , umbro diamonds down the side,up until then jerseys were difficult to buy if you could get them at all
  8. Antonio Murray

    I would rather watch Sydney/West Sydney or Melbourne Victory/Melbourne City with crowds of 40000 plus derbies than the dire offering that I got up at 4.30am for last Saturday, from what I seen these teams would be at the very least competitive against Killie,Hamilton,Thistle,Dundee...by the way Antonio knows where the goals are
  9. New strip for next season

    white shorts,white socks/blue turnovers.......We have a winner.....I can handle 'Blue Ajax" references
  10. New strip for next season

    If you are willing to pay the postage from Brisbane Australia,you are more than welcome to have it,size 38/40

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