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  1. KILLIE V DONS Replay

    cheers fo the info. Definitely going to try and get them Monday. Might be chaos trying to get them before the game.
  2. KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Does anyone know if you can pick up your ticket anytime from the shop or just the day of the match?
  3. Jambos, Fred

    It was a poor decision from Mulumbu but I felt Lafferty went down far too easy. He was looking for it from the off.
  4. Jambos, Fred

    That was never a penalty, went down like a sack o spuds
  5. Jambos, Fred

    Brophy off for Erwin
  6. Jambos, Fred

    Greer off for Findlay
  7. Motherwell away, Fred

    Just had a heart attack
  8. Killie 97 artwork

    Social Recluse say there are three sizes available; A3, A2 and B2 at £15, £30 and £40 respectively.
  9. Killie 97 artwork

    Social Recluse messaged me back this morning and said that they could get some printed and asked what size I wanted. I've asked for sizes and prices and I'm waiting for them to get back. Might be a good time to give them a message if you want one yourself. I also found the print on a site called futbol prints but they had sold out.
  10. Killie 97 artwork

    That is beautiful, might go have a look for that tomorrow. Edit: they're closed for the holidays but I've messaged them on facebook. I'll let folk know if they've still got some.
  11. Dementia in footballers

    It is a horrible condition, my own grandpa suffered from dementia and he played junior football for many years but I think it's important that proper research is conducted and we don't just rely on anecdotal evidence. Looking at the proportion of professional footballers that suffer from dementia compared to a normal cross section of the population is much more telling than individual accounts. If properly conducted research does show that football has/does contribute to an increased risk of dementia then it is imperative that the footballing authorities take appropriate measures for current/future footballers and those who have suffered in the past.
  12. Song about Kilmarnock in hit German musical !

    hahaha, that's hilarious. I can just see that sung at Rugby Park, especially in the beautiful voice of the guy in the east stand always shouting for consistency from the linesman.
  13. Team v. County

    Frizzell needs to get a start. Was the best player for us when he came on against Partick.
  14. Meet the manager

    Up the Dale! Rochdale are my English team. I don't know why, when you follow the Killie and Scotland, that it seems a good idea to have Rochdale as your second team.
  15. Dons thread

    Skygod, he does make exceedingly good points

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