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  1. Hibs away

    In a word.....pathetic.
  2. Season tickets

    Completely underwhelming. “Please don’t bring your kids to Rangers and Celtic games and don’t bother to come yourself - we dont need the support. There will be plenty of opposition fans to take your place”
  3. Let's be realistic

    Being realistic is the most common travelled path to mediocrity
  4. Jordan jones

    Is he injured though? Or is SC just taking him out the picture to reduce interest from potential suitors???? Mmmm.....I wonder....
  5. f**k sake are yous all still bricking it about who gets the Arsenal job? Really?
  7. New contracts

    I think you’re being unreasonably harsh on this one. That’s understandable, because he’s usually a dick, but he makes some fair points for discussion on this particular topic.
  8. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    You’re should have finished that statement with FACT. Then if it ever did happen you could come back and say “I told you so”.
  9. post split fixtures

    I don’t want Rangers or Celtic at Rugby Park (they are scum). If we moan we don’t get their money then it plays into the “yous need us” argument. Armageddon I tell ye!
  10. post split fixtures

    How about buy an Aberdeen ticket get a Hearts ticket free (gets round charging away fans less) and kids for a quid both games (for away fans too)?
  11. post split fixtures

    Just as long as Celtic know what’s happening - that’s all that matters.
  12. post split fixtures

    It could be that tv companies can’t work out what games they want. If that’s the case then hey-ho. Clubs just have to accept it as they agreed to bend over and take it for the money
  13. post split fixtures

    What is the f**king hold-up? Incompetence? Can’t think of any other reason Or is it just that they do not give a f**k?
  14. Disco Inferno

    I remember when Cool Cats and The All Night Pump Station became Hot Dogs and The All Night Fire Station. Copyrite Ding circa 1988
  15. Mulumbu gossip

    So I heard

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