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  1. Identity

    Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity
  2. Lollipop Persons/G.O.M.T.

    Freudian slip
  3. Lollipop Persons/G.O.M.T.

    Oh no you've got me started .... Sensationalism - like the ITV news. f**k sake. And Interviewing stupid eyewitnesses who have f**k all to add - like the other week on Scotland Today "Ah never actually saw the lorry crashing - but I heard the screech and looked oot the windae" . He then proceeded to describe the scene which was exactly like the picture on the telly. Journalism?? f**k sake Tailgating - f**king stupid c**ts I think I'm a fairly easygoing guy but... f**k sake
  4. Lollipop Persons/G.O.M.T.

    Dumbing down! I f**king hate it. Like changing Appletise to Appletiser just because folk were stupid and couldn't say it properly.
  5. Saturday morning kids club

    Monday and Thursdays only.
  6. Saturday morning kids club

    Is this still 11 -12:30? Does anyone else's kids go? For the plastic pitch being a massive community asset no-one seems to know a thing about this. Before anyone suggests it - there is no way I'm going to phone Rugby Park to ask!!!
  7. Saturday morning kids club

    Cheers. Found the first page already and the community page details are for October club last year!
  8. How do you find out about getting kids in to this? Just turn up early and see or do you need to register in advance?
  9. Multiple User Names

  10. Multiple User Names

    That Caldow - he's a prick that c**t.
  11. Celtic fans

    Can't ledgislate for one nutter. But you can for the 59,000 minority singing in support of the IRA. They just don't.
  12. Energy Check Stadium

    Give them ideas!
  13. Kris Boyd on Sky

    We are so amateur
  14. TIK Are you In?

    I think you need to have a word with yourself.

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