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  1. Taylor

    Just waiting for the ink to dry on his new tattoo...
  2. Manager of Month March

    It's the tabloid business model. It's just so easy to feed scraps of bulls**t to these fools, and have them eat it up like it's prime rib while begging for seconds.
  3. Taylor

    Great news for the club and the player. Security for both, and Taylor is coming on leaps and bounds. The club is doing some cracking business behind the scenes getting these guys nailed down.
  4. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    "And then they said, "it's the Rangers chairman on the phone, Steve.""
  5. Kris Boyd has 128 goals...

    He'll no dae.
  6. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Celtic will pump that lot, and we can beat Brenda's mob, so really it's only 1 point...
  7. Kris Boyd has 128 goals...

    Never realized it before, but the 60s must have been some era of Killie goalscorers, a conveyor belt.
  8. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Outnumbered the home fans. Now, if we could just outscore the home team...
  9. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    Reasonable adult reading: You have a guy who has worked at the top for a long time, but has recently had an unfulfilling experience or two and is looking to take a step back in order to prove himself by taking on a building project at a club that will give him full support and has strong personal ties. Eventually, he would like to manage again in the biggest competitions against the best teams, but for now he is very happy to do the job he has. Scottish tabloid reading: "Come and get me, Rangers/Celtic."
  10. Stephen O'Donnell & Steve Clarke

    Ayr, where the managers have bigger trophy cabinets than the club.
  11. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Killie come in, points go out, you can't explain that.
  12. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Got to expect a response with County winning. They'll be fired up. A 2nd will quickly knock the wind out of them.
  13. Accies home, Fred

    Great way to start the weekend: a stream, the dream team and screamer. Mon the Killie.
  14. Rory signs till 2020

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