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  1. Season tickets

    Aye with the season ticket increase you'd doubt the walk up will remain at £20. Not much incentive to buy a full priced season if you're losing out by missing just one game.
  2. Second Place?

    Highly unlikely I agree, but if Aberdeen and Rangers draw with each other and lose the other 3 games we can finish above both of them without worrying about goal difference.
  3. Let's be realistic

    Rangers 2 up on Hearts, pretty much assures us 5th place. Might as well go for broke next week. Edit...spoke to soon, Hearts score
  4. Fasan your Seatbelts

    I like his beard.
  5. Let's be realistic

    Why? We're closer to a team below them in the league who we've still to play...
  6. Let's be realistic

    A win at Easter Road next week will give us an outside chance of catching Hibs, it's really down to that game now. Yesterday was a bummer, but we've just had our best run of wins in over 50 years and are still top of the form table for up to the last 20 games. Outstanding stuff!
  7. Sheep home, Fred

    Amazed nobody took to the park when Logan performed his antics in front of the East. Well done folks for exercising restraint.
  8. Aberdeen game

    I fancy them to finish above Rangers and Aberdeen.
  9. Aberdeen game

    We'll be fine, it can't go to penalties.
  10. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    72 pointer!
  11. Anti-Semitism debate

    Anti-semitism - bad Anti-gypsyism - ok https://www.travellerstimes.org.uk/news/2016/10/parliamentary-anti-gypsyism-meeting-collapses-after-offensive-booklet-emerges
  12. Aberdeen game

    No worries, it's a big game I understand you're hyper.
  13. Aberdeen game

    Ash Taylor's, as mentioned in the post you quoted
  14. Aberdeen game

    14:55 tomorrow, East Stand, south tea bar.

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