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  1. Dons (H) fred

    bet if that was the other way Dallas would have given it!
  2. Dons (H) fred

    ffs how hard is it to take a corner?
  3. Nathan Tyson

    I thought it was 12 or 13 games before he scored against rankers? He might not have been an out and out striker but he was played as one and he was rank rotten in every one.
  4. Nathan Tyson

    Mike Jeffrey also took ages before he scored. The difference there is at least Tyson can play a bit!
  5. Yesterday's Highlights

    I seem to remember we managed to pick up a player from Clyde 10 years ago(?) Craig Bryson who turned out to be quite a useful player. It's been done before. I would have thought Clyde wouldn't be that hard to deal with.
  6. Players Leaving

    Until Connolly was injured he was easily the best central defender we had since Freddy D left. I'd have him paired with Big Addison (assuming he re-signs) But what do I know? In Lee we trust!
  7. Kilmarnock Transfer 2016

    O'Hara wasn't a right back in the same way as James Fowler wasn't a right back. Neither of them had the correct defensive instinct. Their natural instinct was to move inside, exposing our wing to attacking players. However both O'Hara and Fowler when played in the middle of the park are/were completely different players. Unfortunately time and again managers had preferred players for the mid-field, so they got punted to the problem right back position where they were caught out time and again.
  8. play-off tickets

    Is this the queue for the away game or for the home game?
  9. When Saturday Comes.

    Get one of the free tickets sit behind the directors box and give him dogs abuse for the 90 minutes. It's therapeutic.
  10. I wasn't there but listened to it on Clyde 2, (remember those days?), even Derek Johnston couldn't believe the amount of injury time being played. I seem to remember something like "I don't know where this injury time is coming from" Well seen it was Tait's last game in charge. Blue nosed barsteward cnut .
  11. Season Ticket Renewal.

    I got a letter and an email inviting me to renew my ticket at the discounted price even though I've had an adult season and 3 U16s for the last few years. clueless.

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