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  1. Aaron Tshibola

    I felt for the 1st ten minutes or so he was like a rabbit in the headlights, he then settled and IMO had a steady if not setting the heather on fire game. Plenty more to come .
  2. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    Its a buisness , trying their best doesnt cut it get profesional .
  3. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    Frank Beattie Stand was sold out before half time as well. very poor catering ps a Mars bar and a cup of flat coke £4 never again. get it sorted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Steven Naismith

    Not our player , so no concern of mine what he does or thinks , made his choice . move on now.
  5. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Bad enough that it might be so! without wishing it so
  6. Support.

    Hard to afford football when you are on benefits (fact) £20 plus admissions cannot be justified when you are struggling to make ends meet, I am a full time carer for my wife , up until a few years ago myself & sons hardly missed a game home or away, , not looking for sympathy but just one example of missing fans,
  7. Get Sir Steve a longer contract

    Leave well alone , Both club and Manager were happy with the deal dont rock the boat as you never know the outcome.good or bad,
  8. Cammy Bell

    makes sense Motherwell offred £350 K for their keeper from Ceptic and we give them Bell for nothing , if that happens someone needs a kick in the ar*e
  9. Total faith in SSC

    We lost a game to a good side , it happens move on.
  10. Saturday

    I am sure I seen 3 county players going into Morrisons earlier today Gardyne was one the other 2 I recognised but cant name offhand
  11. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    On STV news saying simlar
  12. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    WTF has it to do with him
  13. The dud Killie strikers topic

    Nor did I. as good as a man short IMO
  14. "Angus" the sheep??

    Been going to Rugby Park since 1968 ish I cant remember ever seeing the sheep although not to say it wasnt there. I remember my old man telling me about it. so maybe just before my time
  15. Personal Dream Teams

    I wasnt putting others picks down , just highlighting that we see players with different eyes.

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