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  1. Hun/Fenian

    Reading this thread I've just realised the wife's been abusive to me for years. At 2.15 I said ''that's me away to the the game'' she said ''hope it's a good game with a big Killie win and you enjoy it HUN'' .............
  2. Steve Clarke Article

    Fixed that for you.
  3. Support.

    Wowzabout this -----> to this ----->
  4. Mulumbu on Bordeaux and the win

    Who needs Buckie when there's ---->
  5. Celtic thread, Fred

    The offender can go back and remove it at any time so no excuses for not doing it........
  6. Full Match Re-run

    William Gross snorting Shakira's piles snorting coffee? Any proof?
  7. Full Match Re-run

    Mibbie it was Shakira......
  8. Hamilton (swept away by nature) game

    Like a fish?
  9. As long as they knit together with the rest of the team all will be fine.
  10. Squad Depth

    Smith - pay someone to hunt him -----------------------------------------------------------Don't anybody panic I've found him in the physio's room leaning against his personal locker that was moved in there months ago....
  11. Brora Prices

    Agree with most that £15/£5 is about right to encourage more lapsed fans back and to keep our regular fans happy. Brora entered the competition knowing that as a cup competition there is a 50/50 chance in every round that they will be drawn in an away tie, they are geographically situated in Sutherland and play in the Highland league. Travel time and costs are unavoidable due to this; any assistance with overall costs to their fans should come from their own club and or the Highland league. Admission prices are agreed by both clubs, the home team should should not disadvantaged financially by their own situation. I don't recollect any drop in gate money when we had to travel to Rossco or ICT. This may be selfish on my part but I think as a club we should be looking after ourselves here. If their fans want to come to RP for the game the admission costs will be one of the last things that would put them off.
  12. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Tomorrows Front Page Headlines... Strange, weird and unknown phenomenon at Rugby Park Kilmarnock. A home draw against lower league opposition in the Scottish cup, looks like the SSC factor is spiralling out of control. .....
  13. St Johnstone midweek off

    Why would bringing the old A*r referee Louis Thaw out of retirement to ref the game help?
  14. Michael Gardyne

    Too cruel on the wee dug. Nae grass for him to pish on.....
  15. Monty's Scottish Cup Memories

    Agree with all the finals and everyone's own take/experiences on them. Was at both those finals and loved every bit of both as well as the aftermath. Got 97 at No1, 12 at No2 and 79 at No3. All special in their own way and will forever have the memories. (well unless the drink, drugs and solvent abuse take them away) I was 11 watching killie in my first final in 79 and I'm proud to say watching us score 2 goals in the last 5-10 minutes then winning on penalties against oldco at castle greyskull cemented me as a Killie fan. I wanted to leave with 15 mins to go but my old dad would let me leave, so so glad he did because of that no matter how bad we play I've never left a Killie game before the final whistle. KTID KTWAD. Thanks Monty, Pasca and Robbo

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