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  1. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    This is hilarious. Literally the only people happy about this appointment are Killie fans.
  2. Last Min Goals

    I think Eremenko hit the bar literally seconds before the goal.
  3. Mulumbu

    If we could tie him up for another season that would be amazing - even if he wanted to go in the summer I really wouldn't grudge him leaving. He's one of the finest players I've seen not just for Killie but in the Scottish top flight. I wonder if a gentleman's agreement could be reached where if I a club come calling with a bid, Killie would not stand in his way.
  4. Chadwick bogs

    After they were caught, it transpired that the woman sustained a severe injury to the groin area. When later questioned, the female went on to blame the plastic pitch.
  5. Scott Brown

    Aye I remember that! Dem-bellend definitely picking the wrong guy to have a go at. They lack class in defeat. Get it up them.
  6. Jordan Jones

    Just goes to show who runs the media - agenda driven lies. They are either unsettling managers/players or faking bids to drum up interest in a particular player.
  7. Jordan Jones

    I see there is outrage that Morelos is about to be sold for £6M - a few claiming Sevco should hold out for £20M as he is seemingly destined for the EPL. Where is the irony? If he was genuinley worth that much he'd get a decent haircut.
  8. Dons away 27/01 Fred

    I’ve certainly seen us play worse at Pittodrie. First half felt really good; midfield was dominant and we looked defensively sound. Obviously, when Power come off we lost the dominance and confidence we had. Erwin was poor when he come on. Gary Dicker has been great so far this season but had a poor second half today. Also, Jordon Jones needs to stamp out the diving part of his game. That’s at least twice I’ve seen him do it. Anyway, I’m sure Clarke will have us sorted out for next weekend.
  9. St Johnstone midweek off

    Haha - that’s true. But it’s one of those tricky situations. It would be good to ease fixture congestion, but is one week notice enough for fans? I’m not sure myself TBH.
  10. St Johnstone midweek off

    Yer auld da called it. Anyone wants a shot of my crystal ball give me a shout. Seriously though, this is pretty frustrating. Hoping we can get the Hamilton game rearranged for mid-week next week to hopefully ease the backlog of games as suggested by a few guys on here.
  11. St Johnstone midweek off

    I keep forgetting we’re talking about the SFA here
  12. St Johnstone midweek off

    I believe there is but with that comes the possibility of a waterlogged pitch - thaw and some rain expected. Unlikely though, as Albion are working really hard to get the Tuesday game on.
  13. St Johnstone midweek off

    Imagine Albion’s pitch failed an inspection again on Tuesday night (which looks possible) but Rugby Park was still fine for Wednesday night - would the league game be reinstated or would that be too much short notice for fans?
  14. Saturday

    No concerns ATM
  15. Boydy's Talking About Rangers In The Papers Again!

    100% mate - the sense of entitlement and skewed logic from these reprobates is astounding.

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