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  1. PSG and Jamie Mac

    Craig Gordon is a very good keeper - no disrespect but on a different level to Jamie for most of his career - but I think there is clear proof that he turns into a nervous wreck in really big games and it affects his performance.
  2. Striker in January

    Tall, pacey, score many goals?
  3. You will be telling me next that.............

    It is on Setanta?
  4. Youssouf Mulumbu

    You certainly specialise in wind and pish if that's what you mean
  5. Obviously spelling isn't his his strong point. "that was when my interest was first peaked" FFS he could get a gig on KillieFc.com with that kind of patter. All he needs now is to say "loose" instead of lose, and if someone is called Clark put a stray "e" on the end, or if they're called Clarke then randomly drop the "e" (Bob) and he's got it made...
  6. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    Whyever would that be I wonder?
  7. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    Any Highland wee team away might lure me out of the central belt for first time in many a day...
  8. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    Based on past years I don't what kind of accumulator or similar you could get on it being one of: Celtic (away) SevCo (away) A*r (away). In general if it isn't one of those three it is a result of some kind before a ball is even kicked. With the Steve Clarke effect a home draw against Celtic might even get a home crowd out?
  9. Retired

    Think Willie, unsurprisingly for a ref, was Rangers RIP/SevCo. Made a good few mistakes due to his self-confessed lack of mobility but was about the last ref I can remember that could have a laugh with the fans and players. Imagine robotic weasels like Spawn of Satan, or Nick "Louis" Walsh engaging in anything other than high-handed arrogance...
  10. One of our own

    It's amazing what we know and what we don't know as fans. From what I "know": Rory favours Killie but isn't massively into football supporting; Kiltie favours Killie but has strong SevCo leanings in immediate family; Frizz favours SevCo but has strong Killie leanings in immediate family Hawkshaw is hardcore SevCo
  11. Gender identity

    I gather that the letters we are now supposed to use are something like LGBTQIWOASSC which, whatever the correctly-intentioned motivations in terms of equality are, is becoming a bit of an unwieldy situation and I don't even know what the "SSC" bit stands for. The weakness of this approach seems to be that however many letters you use, some or other sub-genre of gender, gender identity, sexuality and/or sexual practice preferences will still have been excluded and you are still therefore discriminating against some person or group (even though you don't know who until they identify themselves). At work, or indeed anywhere else, I would always strive to treat all people the same and to treat people fairly, the way I would hope to be treated. Personally I think the specification of an increasing number of genders, gender identities, sexualities and/or sexual practice preferences is not helping anyone. A higher level thing would surely just be to say that, in terms of equality and diversity, it is a bad thing to discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, religion, gender and/or sexual identity and leave it at that?
  12. National stadium

    You don't need to worry anyway. A multi tens of millions up-front payment for a 50 year lease at Greyskull will be all that is on the minds of Stewart Regan and Co. That way SevCo can have the financial stability they need to regain their rightful place at the top of the tree and prevent armageddon 2.
  13. Derek McInnes

    If there is ever financial and boardroom stability at Greyskull, McInnes would surely consider it. I suspect SevCo will have gone and SevCo (2) Ltd will need to be in place before those conditions will ever be fulfilled.
  14. What was your first game?

    The first one I can say with certainty I attended was a 3-1 home win over St Mirren on 4th October 1975 in the pishing rain in the old First Division. I think I was at a few the previous season as a "lift over" entrant but I wasn't interested enough to note who against. I didn't get the bug properly until the promotion push at the tail end of season 78/79 and count the 0-0 borefest at RP against Clydebank on 3rd March 1979 as my first attendance as a fan rather than as a disengaged onlooker.
  15. NI v The Toblerone eaters

    Agreed - but if NI get a big enough bung in to FIFA before the second leg they can still hope to get through though

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