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  1. Energy Check Stadium

    It would be such an irony if the stadium fell down because of Rusty Nuts
  2. It would be great to see Regan and Doncaster made to pay for their corruption, fraud and lies, but sadly this is Scotland and Rangers RIP/ SevCo is a cherished institution - especially among our law makers and law enforcers - so I think there is about as much chance of this happening as there is of Alasdair McCoist winning slimmer of the year.
  3. Bryson

    And received fawning praise from Warnock for his trouble
  4. NextWeek

    Seems like a plan, I agree
  5. Dundee thread

    Unless AJ has had a brain and personality transplant he will not be a manager of note in the long run but never say never. But I don't know why we are wasting time talking about AJ when there are more pressing issues e.g can the current manager be salvaged and made to work? The squad is good enough on paper to compete, what is the cause of us almost always starting games slowly and what is being done to address it? What are we going to do to try and create more chances? That sort of thing. PS wait for Dicker or wait for Kiltie ain't good enough answers Lee...
  6. LBGTI fans

    I would not disagree but it is the same up here when it comes to the sectarian pish. One week you can be a "Fenian" the next week you can be a "Dirty Orange Bastard". The one thing you can be sure of is that the same police and the same stewards will turn the same blind eyes.
  7. BT Sport Preview Killie vs Dundee

    A fast start tomorrow is essential. We need to get out there and get in about them in midfield and set a pattern from the word go. Just pretend it is half time in the Aberdeen game.

    Yeh. And then there are all the LGBTQIWOA smurfs so just be super careful. Also what about the non-blue sector? If I was a non-blue walking into a stadium with blue seats and blue army written all over the shop there is every chance I would not feel welcome. Especially as I don't like football.
  9. LBGTI fans

    My biggest worry here isn't that the club accidentally excludes someone who took offence at not being positively welcomed, but rather that our English alphabet only has the twenty six letters. If we're talking LGBTQIWOA already, there's only 17 left by my reckoning and at this rate they will all be taken by the end of this thread.

    They really don't know whether to be blatant racists or uber-PC thought police: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-41337127
  11. Identity

    I do like the concept of a halo as pie in the sky. I am a mixing my metaphors kind of guy. The next time I see a pie in the sky I will go and stand under it as a short cut to canonisation. If the worst come to the worst I can eat it when it falls down. So long as it is a "Kilmarnock" pie.
  12. King Kenny Speaks!

    Sounds in keeping with Harkins' general behaviour throughout his 'career". Why do so many walking attitude problems get blessed with good football skills?
  13. Line up face Dundee

    Please don't say this even in jest...
  14. Energy Check Stadium

    I love all these stupid wanky names.I still like to think of Almondvale as the West Lothian Courier Excelsior Megadome or whatever it was called. The more the merrier. Embarrassing for the clubs that have to insist the ground is called something stupid and obviously transient for the sake of a few bob. I would have no problem with our dump having to adopt a wanky name. It will only ever be Rugby Park KTID
  15. Flo Bojaj

    That will be the sixth tier in England that probably pays about 3x what we can...

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