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  1. European Nations League

    Think the fixtures were decided by UEFA. I agree the midweek games are s**te but they will argue that we have now 2 friendly slots free because we are a 3 team group.
  2. European Nations League

    Ever been to Israel for football? My dad often works there and he says he can't stand the place
  3. European Nations League

    Albania at home Monday 10th September Israel away Thursday 11th October Albania away Saturday 17th November Israel at home Tuesday 20th November After these fixtures the Euro Qualifying is played as normal. Then the Nations League playoffs decides who gets final 4 playoff places. This does away with the "Best 3rd placed team qualifies" s**te from the last Euro Qualifying campaign
  4. European Nations League

    Watch this https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/#/ We will play isreal and Albania home and away. Hopefully we win and play a 1 leg semi v another group C mini group winner. Then a 1 leg final. Winner qualifies for euros. The 4 mini group winners promoted to group B for next conpetition. 4 mini group losers relegated. The seedings for next euros also decided by nation's league standings so it really is pretty important for Scotland.
  5. European Nations League

    The negativity from sky sports news during the draw was so frustrating because they blatantly had not read the format. They only mentioned once someone passed them a bit of paper that you can qualify for the euros through this tournament. I actually like the format, it's got a lot of benefits for the lower ranked teams. Albania and isreal tho...FFS. Wouldv loved to be in the 2nd pot with Estonia, Greece and Finland
  6. Lifestyle Fitness

    Used to use the "The Gym" in glasgow. Plenty of free weights. I'd imagine they will cut down on a lot of staff though so not great news for the folk at Lifestyle.
  7. Was big Kevin McGowne actually from Kilmarnock or one of the surrounding towns? No idea what he does nowadays. I remember his brother was a teacher at Prestwick Academy for a while
  8. James Forrest - Celtic Alan Forrest - Ayr Johnnie Baillie - Hibs (Now managing annbank) Chris Johnstone - Killie Jack Whittaker - Killie All Prestwick if memory serves me right.
  9. Turning point of the season

    Been going round in circles?
  10. The Halo - at last

    Forgive my ignorance... What are they actually building?
  11. Not just the team that didn't turn up

    Depends how you look at it. A more comparable fixture was in February which was also a televised Sunday afternoon KO against Aberdeen. with a total attendance of 3972. What was it today, 4100 odd? Clutching at straws I know
  12. When Clarke came to us

    Killie sign Lukaku done deal?
  13. But are you going to "work harder"??
  14. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    or hamilton

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