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  1. Development League - Accies (H)

    Agree that Spencer did okay at centre back. Normally plays midfield but did alright till he went off injured. Wasn't impressed by our keeper or right back. Don't understand why Dempsie is always played at centre half, he's a defensive mid. Samizadeh didn't seem to want to pass today!
  2. Devpt league-accies away

    Scared of our first team and our under 20's.
  3. Boydy's Talking About Rangers In The Papers Again!

    To be a Rangers player requires the mentality to cope with the demanding off-pitch environment that goes with being a player for the Rangers. We didnae want him anyway. We arra people.
  4. Aye but can they count or use a calculator?
  5. Rugby Park Picture

    More ***** than good guys from those signings!
  6. Steven Naismith

    Good point but would that mean that one of Kiltie or Naismith have to get shifted wide? Maybe it could lead to a change to the 4321 that Mixu used.
  7. Rugby Park Picture

    I had look at his site CB thanks, just too expensive. I can get a painting for a few ton cheaper than that. Was more meaning if anyone has any paintings in their home. Been deliberating for weeks on what Killie painting to get. Do I get a painting of a certain goal, certain players, a certain squad were the questions going through my head. Swaying towards a painting of the theatre of pies now.
  8. Rugby Park Picture

    Anyone got any Killie related paintings they would be willing to show off?
  9. Rugby Park Picture

    Thought about messaging the club on twitter but then realised they have no PM. Thinking about contacting the SLO. Cheers!
  10. Rugby Park Picture

    That's not bad Bobby thanks. Thanks Skygod and Piffer. I am actually thinking I might take a panoramic pic from my seat a week on Saturday and ask them to paint that. Thanks for your help.
  11. Rugby Park Picture

    Thanks for your reply skygod! Sorry, I should have been clearer! Looking to see the inside of all 4 stands together. Sort of like an overview (but not overhead) from pitch level. Preferrably not of the plastic pitch, preferrably the grass days.
  12. Steven Naismith

    Good point about Kiltie! Hadn't actually thought of that.
  13. Rugby Park Picture

    Looking for a picture of Rugby Park where you can see the insides of the stands and the goals. Anyone got one they could share or have you came across any online? I had a look but nothing has caught my eye so far. Reason i ask is I am looking to get a painting of Rugby Park. Thanks.
  14. Ladbrokes Team of the Month Show


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