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  1. Oh dear...

    The boys learn to cook while Boydy plays the piano.
  2. Likewise. Wasn't impressed with him v Berwick in the Irn Bru Cup but he did very well on Tuesday. Had some nice touches and looked confident on the ball.
  3. King Kenny Speaks!

    On the subject of Peter Murphy Allan Johnston had him on trial and I believe he should have signed him. Did well in pre season and then never signed. As it was we went in to the first game of the season away to Aberdeen with half of the back 4 being Tesselaar and McKeown. Half of our back 4 couldn't defend! Was never going to bode well for Killie that. Murphy was a no frills defender (kinda similar to Frazer Wright) who didn't look out of place in our team in pre season imo. Rather have a Murphy than a Karleigh Osborne.
  4. I think Thomas is a good wee player and Findlay has done well in the past few games. If Greer stays fit he should be considered an excellent signing. I saw Thomas play well in a decent Scotland Under 21 team v Holland. He's not scared to shoot and tries to entertain. Unfortunately I think the likes of Higgins and Samizadeh may show more under our next manager. I do get your point though quite a few are looking like poor signings. Clark made a few mistakes but he corrected them in January by getting Woodman and Ajer. McCulloch should have admitted he got it wrong with Power and brought in another centre mid instead of signing Bell imo.
  5. King Kenny Speaks!

    I went to watch his Morton team a few times when it was international weekend and in my opinion he tried to get players that weren't good enough to play total football. Stuart Findlay was part of the team that lost 10-2 and Kenny had Barrie McKay on loan at one point too and they are better players now for it. Garry O'Connor turned out to be a bad signing.
  6. The worrying thing is if he genuinely believes he hasn't been making mistakes. Sign of a poor coach/manager is to blame everyone bar themselves. Don't think he'll be Killie manager in a months time put it that way.
  7. Spot on and due to the fact we don't get much media coverage they don't get asked questions that we would like asked. Why did you pick that team etc?!
  8. Spot on fella. I would be playing Power in the development team next to the lad Mouanda. To go towards justifying his wage and because I believe Mouanda has potential and needs to learn about positioning. I'd hope an experienced player like Power could maybe help bring Mouanda on. All this crap about Leven and McCulloch having one to one meetings is to make people believe they care about all the players. If they did then why hasn't Bell played in any games since he joined? Why weren't Mackay and Hawkshaw loaned out when they never feature for the first team? Will Graham is one of the best players in the development team on his day but is still short of first team quality and I'd argue he should have been loaned out too.
  9. Exactly and what impression does it give to the development players if their manager isn't there?! That he doesn't care! Can't see McCulloch and Leven lasting the month.
  10. Cack indeed. Hear this expression all the time in football. "He's a winner". Winners don't need to justify themselves and say that they are winners. They find a way to get results regardless of performance and know what it takes to get over the line.
  11. If you were Kilmarnock manager would you attend the development games? Makes me wonder if they've only been attending previous development games because first team players were involved.
  12. Can't believe Leven and McCulloch weren't even at the development game last night yet Ray McKinnon made the journey through.
  13. A Culture Problem at the club

    Spot on. Unlike some of our recent managers I actually think Kenny cared too much (if that's possible).
  14. A Culture Problem at the club

    Considering Greer never played in pre-season he's in fantastic nick. A proper professional, a lot of our players should be taking on board as much as they can from him.
  15. If Jig quits

    Likewise I wouldn't have suggested Mixu but I did think Kenny was the shout when he left. What we do need is a manager that can give us stability and understand what it takes to build an established team, if we haven't picked up points from our next few games then we need to get an experienced manager in.

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