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  1. Motherwell Development Match

    Yeah I agree not much in the game but on the basis our keeper had to be at his best maybe Motherwell just deserved it. The late goal was a sore one though. The boy Lyle has improved massively in the last month. I think the development squad had played better in previous weeks but last night seemed a step back. The likes of Erwin and Boyd didn't bring much to the table.
  2. Neill Collins tells it like it is

    I think Graeme Mathie is at Hibs. Last i heard he was there and he joined when Stubbs and Dempster came in.
  3. Assistant Manager

    Nobody has guessed it so I'll say Roberto Di Matteo.
  4. Best 11 for Partick game

    I want all the young lads to do well at Killie in fact I want all the players connected with Killie to do well. McCullochs opinion means nothing to me. Yeah big Devlin should have been loaned out. Not playing development football or involved with the first team right now. The waste of a budget wage on Bell has impacted on Mackay as well as our midfield.
  5. Best 11 for Partick game

    Nah I was making reference to their team as they are top of the league. The likes of Curran and Lambert looked a class above to what we have.
  6. Best 11 for Partick game

    I like the kid but nowhere near ready for first team football imo. He has ability. Lads like Lambert and Curran at Dundee looked streets ahead of him though. I do think a loan spell would have benefitted him. If fitness is not an issue then does he lose interest, is it a concentration thing? Seems to me to be a player that if he starts well then you'll see a good first half performance from him but he invariably fades in the 2nd half. Got moved to centre mid on Tuesday night during the 2nd half which maybe didn't help him.
  7. Best 11 for Partick game

    Graham in the team? I have yet to see him play well for the majority of a game. I think his fitness levels are well short of where they should be too for a young lad. Has nice touches but he wouldn't even get in the Dundee reserve team right now rather than our first team. He should probably have been loaned out to gain experience. Saw nothing v Annan or Dumbarton to make me believe he should even make a first team matchday squad.
  8. Best 11 for Partick game

    Spot on. Hawkshaw is the only player we've had in the first team in the last month that resembles a central midfielder.
  9. Best 11 for Partick game

    I'd swap Brophy for Erwin personally but that does look like a more solid team. Erwin on the bench and no Boydy. Higgins would deffo be in my squad too.
  10. Best 11 for Partick game

    Yeah i remember that game. He's played well the last couple of times he's played for the development squad. At centre back mind you but he is far better on the ball than Scott Boyd and more athletic.
  11. Next Manager Thread

    Spot on fella.
  12. Next Manager Thread

    Millen isn't a bad coach. I think he has a poor group of players to work with in the development squad who in the main are well off first team football. I've never been a fan of his since the "whole I want to play for Sellick" but he is a good coach imo from what i've saw with the development squad. Very clear and passes on good information to the players too.
  13. Best 11 for Partick game

    Scott Boyd isn't good enough on the ball to play in midfield and he lacks agility. Of the players that are never involved for the first team, I think only Mouanda or Daniel Higgins could maybe do a job in defensive midfield. Brophy for me is our best striker but none of them look fit.
  14. Next Manager Thread

    Gus made St Mirren a solid SPL team and St Mirren have went downhill since. Albeit they are on an upward trajectory right now. He got Queens Park promoted and to say they have a 3rd division budget would be kind. Junior teams have better budgets. That's the way next manager markets work if someone has a previous link to that club well they won't be rank outsiders! Killie normally take the cheap option and with Andy Millen (previous assistant to Gus) already at the club well it wouldn't surprise me let's just say! Who would be your personal choice?
  15. Next Manager Thread

    Why all the negativity towards Gus? Surely he's better qualified than our recent managers?

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