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  1. Morton v Killie League cup 1979

    Found this whilst browsing on You Tube earlier. Only 1 of the goals from this epic 2 legged cup tie. CB/Philo not sure if you guys have this in your archive?
  2. Fleeting/ Moffat

    I was there that night. My recollection is he didn't talk about winning a cup or having international players but he did say the rest of the things you mention. However, it was almost 30 years ago!
  3. Penalty Shoot Outs

    Correct. 8 out of 8!
  4. Penalty Shoot Outs

    Nope. Think in a more positive vein.
  5. Penalty Shoot Outs

    Stats for every competitive penalty shoot out involving Killie. A grand total on 6 wins out of 18. Only 2 victories out of 11 in national cup competitions in 1982 and 1984. Read it and weep: 1/5/1971 Ayrshire Cup Final v Ayr United(H) 2-2 on aggregate(Lost 4-5 on pens-Sudden Death) Scored: Jim McSherry, Alex Cairns, Jim McCulloch, Alan McDonald Missed: Jim Whyte, Billy Dickson, Jackie McGrory 8/5/74 Ayrshire Cup Final v Ayr United(H) 1-1(Won 5-4 on pens) Scored: Ian Fleming, George Maxwell, Eddie Morrison, Alan Robertson, Gordon Smith Missed:No one! 9/5/77 Ayrshire Cup Final v Ayr United(H) 2-2(Lost 5-6 on pens-Sudden Death) Scored: George Maxwell, Billy Murdoch, Alan Robertson, Iain McCulloch, Stuart McLean Missed: Paul Clarke 3/8/79 Tennent Caledonian Cup Semi Final v Brighton(N) 1-1(Won 6-5 on pens-Sudden Death) Scored: Ian Gibson, Ian Jardine, Jim Hughes, Derrick McDicken, Stuart McLean, George Maxwell Missed: Alan Robertson 5/8/79 Tennent Caledonian Cup Final v Rangers(A) 2-2 (Won 5-3 on pens) Scored: Ian Jardine, Jim Hughes Stuart McLean, Alistair Mauchlen, Bobby Street Missed:No one! 24/11/79 League Cup Quarter Final v Morton(H) 5-5 on aggregate(Lost 3-5 on pens) Scored: Ian Gibson, Joe Cairney, Stuart McLean Missed: Bobby Street 24/9/80 League Cup 3rd Round v Dundee(H) 0-0 on aggregate(Lost 3-5 on pens) Scored: Jim Clark, Bobby Houston, Stuart McLean Missed: George Maxwell 8/9/82 League Cup v Cowdenbeath(A) 1-1 on aggregate (Won 4-3 on pens) Scored: Stuart McLean, Sam McGivern, Jim Clark, Alistair McLeod Missed: Ian Bryson 22/8/84 League Cup 2nd Round v Alloa Athletic (H) 1-1 (Won 3-2 on pens) Scored: Stuart McLean, Derrick McDicken, Sam McGivern Missed: Robert Clark, Paul Clarke 29/8/84 League Cup 3rd Round v Dundee (A) 1-1 (Lost 2-3 on pens) Scored: Derrick McDicken, Stuart McLean, Missed: Bobby McConville,Robert Clark Sam McGivern 6/1/90 Scottish Cup 2nd Round replay v Stranraer (H) 0-0 (Lost 3-4 on pens) Scored: Dave McKinnon, Tom Callaghan, Willie Watters Missed: Tommy Burns, Paul Flexney 4/2/92 Scottish Cup 3rd round replay v Meadowbank Thistle (H) 1-1 (Lost 3-4 on pens) Scored: Tom Black, Hugh Burns, Calum Campbell Missed: Mark Roberts, Tommy Burns 12/10/93 Ayrshire Cup Final v Ayr United (H) 3-3 (Won 3-2 on pens Sudden Death) Scored:Ian Porteous, Tom Brown, Mark Roberts Missed: Billy Stark, David White, Danny Crainie 9/10/2001 League Cup 3rd Round v Ayr United (A) 0-0 (Lost 4-5 on pens Sudden Death) Scored: Freddie Dindeleux, Alan Mahood, Kris Boyd, Andy McLaren Missed: Craig Dargo, Chris Innes 24/9/2002 League Cup 2nd round v Airdrie United (H) 0-0 (Lost 3-4 on pens) Scored: Jesus Sanjuan, Steve Fulton, Kris Boyd Missed: Alan Mahood, Gary Hay 24/7/2004 West Sound Trophy v Ayr United (A) 2-2 (Lost 4-5 on pens) Scored: Peter Leven, Craig Dargo, Kris Boyd, Freddie Dindeleux Missed: Gary Wales 31/7/2016 League Cup Group Stage v Albion Rovers (H) (Lost 3-5 on pens) Scored: Flo Bojaj, Steven Smith, Gary Dicker Missed: Josh Magennis 13/3/2018 League Cup Quarter Final Replay v Aberdeen (H) 1-1 (Lost 2-3 on pens) Scored: Lee Erwin, Stephen O'Donnell Missed: Eamon Brophy, Greg Taylor, Greg Kiltie There is one stat which will probably surprise every Killie fan over 40. Can you spot it?
  6. Half-time draw celebrities

    Jimmy Knapp(Trade Union Leader) and Scottish Rugby and British Lion legend Gordon Brown were also Killie fans. Both long dead now sadly. I well remember big Broon Fae Troon calling himself "a long suffering Killie fan" during a Friday Sportscene interview in the 90's.
  7. Old RP

    The whole programme from that night would not have been kept in the archive. However, there is a good chance that they would have kept the goals. There's loads of footage from Scotsport/Sportscene from the 70's and 80's on You Tube.
  8. Mike Brolly was born in Killie and signed for Chelsea as a teenager in the early 70's. I think he was from Newmilns originally. He played a handful of first team games before carving out a decent career in the lower leagues, principally for Grimsby Town.
  9. The dud Killie strikers topic

    Colin Nish missed the biggest sitter I've ever seen at Rugby Park when he hit the post from 3 yards out against Hearts. Thankfully it didn't matter as we won the game. His heading ability for someone his size was average at best. Nevertheless, I wouldn't have him anywhere near this list. Since I started watching Killie around 1980, the only players to have scored more goals than Nish are Boydie, Paul Wright and Ally Mitchell. Joe Reid from the late 80's was mentioned earlier. He scored 15 goals in 35 games which includes 12 sub appearances which is impressive considering he was playing in such a poor team. Aime Koudou would get my vote as the worst I've seen.
  10. I've done a wee bit of research and I think we beat our best ever number of games unbeaten on Saturday in the top flight. We did manage 10 unbeaten aways in 1973/74 however that was in the 2nd tier against the likes of Albion Rovers, Cowdenbeath and Clydebank. The previous best was 8(all wins) in 1959/60 during a 15 match unbeaten run. What did surprise me about that season during my research was that the average attendance that season was almost 3,000 higher than the Championship winning season just 5 years later. For example, we had crowds of 26,500 v Hearts, 17,500 v Hibs and 14,000 v Airdrie in 1959/60 but the equivalent matches in 1964/65 had attendances of 18,000, 10,500 and 5,300. Do any of the older supporters have an idea if there was a particular reason for such a large drop?
  11. Rangers thread

    I believe the last time was in September 1972. It was also a 2-1 win. An Eddie Morrison double cancelled out Tommy McLean's opener.
  12. Tickets

    When is the club shop open over the Christmas period?
  13. 1970 Scottish Cup semi-final

    He won the first of 5 caps for Scotland just a few weeks after this game. It's before my time but he seems to have fallen from grace pretty quickly. He later became an agent and if memory serves me correctly, Scott Brown used to be one of his clients. He made his debut in the Championship winning season but he didn't attend the 50th anniversary reunion. I can only deduce from your post that sadly, like a few of his team mates, he wasn't well enough to go.
  14. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    I know a lot of supporters including myself are looking for an away draw against lower league opposition, especially those in the bottom two divisions. However based on past history, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high. Discounting Ayrshire's wee team, we haven't drawn a minnow away from home in 20 years when we played Stranraer away. It was the first game we played in defence of the cup we won the previous year. Arbroath away would be for me the perfect draw but I've been saying that for over 10 years. We haven't played them away in the cup since 1921. The last time we played the other minnows away who are still left in the competition: Albion Rovers-1934 Alloa-2000 in a reply but haven't drawn them away since 1920 East Fife-1965 Montrose-1969 Peterhead-& the 4 Highland League teams never Maybe this will change tomorrow night and we'll finally get a cup draw to get excited about.
  15. What was your first game?

    My dad, my grandpa and wee brother went to a few games in the late 70's early 80's but I have no idea what my first one was. I tried to find out years later but all my grandpa could remember was that we were all at a Scottish cup game v the team from South Ayrshire in 1981. The first game I remember attending was v Hearts in May 1982 when we were both challenging for promotion. It was a nil nil draw which featured on Scotsport the next day. All I can remember was some old guy running on the park in the first half and kicking the ball. He got lifted but he ran out and did it again in the 2nd half! My first away game was v Motherwell in the Scottish Cup in February 1988. We drew 0-0 and lost the reply at Rugby Park despite leading 1-0 with 20 minutes to go.

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