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  1. Sheep home, Fred

    They were more sleekit, snidey and street wise than us today. Just a pity we had the injuries we did today as I think we would have beaten them. Oh and Logan is a wee prick.
  2. Broadfoot

    Cracking theatrics from the gypsy though.
  3. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    It's Aberdeen not Barcelona FFS, let's get in about them.
  4. Kirk Broadfoot

    And also the fact he knows he was a solid keeper behind him must help.
  5. They are s**tting themselves from a Killie takeover as the game is massive for them and have decided the points are more important than the £.
  6. POWER to the people

    LM clearly had issues with a number of players. Karleigh Osborne being unfit was code for he's s**te and I don't rate him. Miles Addison injured was code for he f**ked up against Aberdeen so I'm getting rid. He fell out with with Stephen O'Donnell and claimed Power was unfit, which was clearly a load of s**te and again had fallen out with him. It's no coincidence that the midfield was crying out to be changed for a while, he didn't do it then Power comes in v Thistle and we win.
  7. Jamie MacDonald

    Saves a penalty against sevco for us to go up the park to equalise and saves a one on one today for us to go up the park and score the winner - some boy. Get him dropped.
  8. Hearts Match Thread

    Good to see the big Finland striker and the lad with the f**ked genetics scoring the goals in both our wins.
  9. Coulibaly

    Same could be said for Costa at Chelsea.
  10. Emergency board meeting needed

    LM not going anywhere.
  11. Injury update

    Absolute cluster f**k by McCulloch not to sign a decent midfielder before the window shuts. Cheerio.
  12. Dundee thread

    f**k off Lee.
  13. Dundee thread


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