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  1. Steady on, Shug!

    The only Burns Inn in Ayrshire not to be Rabbie themed as well
  2. Owen Coyle or Steve Clarke

    I think its good for the league that both have joined. Living down south I find it increasingly difficult to keep in touch and/or interested as the standard has been slipping so much over the past few years. If guys like them (and Rogers at Celtic) can get Scottish teams playing better and attracting and/or keeping better players then its got to be good for us all. On the question of who's the better appointment for us... I'm sure we'd have been happy with either but Clarke's family connections to the team and the area make him pretty uniquely placed to potentially make a major long term difference.
  3. Coulibaly

    Bosman didn't get to move to the club he wanted to and basically didn't play professionally again after starting the case - Wikipedia says he had 2 games in the 5 years that the case took to play out. So if this situation is anything I like that, Coully won't be back at Killie.
  4. Ayr v Killie London Pub

    I've been away from the site for most of the week and won't be heading out for it tonight, but would be up for trying to get a more regular meet-up for TV games for those based around London. Looks like the Celtic game on the 19th August is our next option.
  5. Ayr v Killie London Pub

    London tartan army seem to go to the Albion at Blackfriars for the Scotland games these days, I haven't been along as I've been at the games. They have the same cricket listed as the Alex though: http://www.thealbionlondon.com/live-sport
  6. Ayr v Killie London Pub

    Whereabouts in London are you? The Alexandra in Clapham usually show anything but they are advertising cricket for Friday night. Between that and Wimbledon you might struggle to get it shown anywhere. http://www.alexandraclapham.com/events
  7. Betfred Cup draw

    Potential dates... Betfred Cup 2017/18 dates Group stage matchday 1 - Saturday July 15 Group stage matchday 2 - Tuesday/Wednesday July 18/19 Group stage matchday 3 - Saturday July 22 Group stage matchday 4 - Tuesday/Wednesday July 25/26 Group stage matchday 5 - Saturday July 29 Second round - Tuesday/Wednesday August 8/9 Quarter-finals - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday September 19/20/21 Semi-finals - Saturday/Sunday October 21/22 Final - Sunday November 26 http://spfl.co.uk/league-cup/dates/ Fingers crossed the Ayr game is the last one as I won't be able to get up to Scotland for the others!
  8. Non Fiducia

    I'm keen to buy (a very small amount of!) shares in case we need something like this in future. My feeling at the moment is that it's better to hold off and do that after the dust settles here as a show of support for the outcome - does that make sense?
  9. New strip release date.

    Not sure, the strip doesn't look FINNISH
  10. Anyone here responsible for this?

    You're welcome - I guessed someone on here might recognise it. Had a great time over there, really nice place.
  11. Anyone here responsible for this?

    Yeah, it was too high for me to reach! Figured it was worth leaving as it makes the Killie one look bigger.
  12. I'm in Budapest this weekend, stumbled on their Scottish pub last night and saw this Killie pennant in the corner. Did it come from anyone who posts here?
  13. PS4 game releases 2016

    Saw Uncharted 4 has a new release date (May 10th I think). That's basically all I bought the PS4 for, it's hardly been switched on since before Christmas.
  14. Introduce Yourself...

    Another Craig here, used to not post very much under the username 'klelk', was briefly 'Composer' on the Rivals board after supplying the instructions for programming Paper Roses into the Nokia 3310. Was a ball boy when we got promoted from the 2nd Division, sold half time draw tickets for a few seasons and now living in London so rely on this site for all things Killie and keeping up with what's going on in Ayrshire in general.

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