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  1. Aberdeen game

    On Radio Scotland ever week Willie Miller has been pretty clear that if Lewis is fit he should play ahead of Woodman.
  2. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    According to Radio Scotland that makes Killie the first team to win 5 games in a row in the Premier League this season!
  3. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Both Aberdeen and Hibs getting beat at the moment
  4. Thistle Away 7th April

    Ha, magic - clearly I can’t read and mixed up Hibs and Hamilton on the fixture list!
  5. Thistle Away 7th April

    Good chance to make up some ground on the teams above us today, with 4 of the top six playing each other and Rangers being suspect. Guess Aberdeen should beat Hearts, but Hibs May well drop points against Celtic tomorrow.
  6. post split fixtures

    The good news is that this season an extra trip to Ibrox is nothing to be feared
  7. post split fixtures

    That predicted split table makes more sense when you read the article that goes along with it: https://splstats.wordpress.com/2018/04/04/post-split-fixtures-2017-18/
  8. post split fixtures

    When the split started and those two teams were generally going down to the wire they decided that it should always be the first game of the split to avoid it being a title decider between the two of them. Given that they want to avoid it being a title celebration, the league is basically over and they get to choose the dates for the benefit of TV schedule they should either: Aim to have it as early as possible (so that there can be some storyline about Rangers having a chance to delay the title party), or just write it off and make it the last game of the season. Either way I just want them to get it sorted soon so I can plan to get up for a game before the end of the season!
  9. Rory signs till 2020

    Yeah, agree his record is good - you know how football is though!
  10. Rory signs till 2020

    Tommy Wright might be out of a job next season
  11. Confidemus93: 1 to 11 with Paska

    Sounds like a good move getting Calum officially involved with the site - congrats to him and good work from the admins to recognise him.
  12. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    I’ve generally had a lot of time for Gordon Waddell over the years, think he’s a Falkirk fan so not as overly Old Firm focussed as most of the others. Surely he’s got this phrase back to front though - isn’t the whole problem that the Old Firm ‘tail’ is allowed to have disproportionate sway over Scottish football as a whole?
  13. Top Six Secured

    True, and also daft. With the split the league have the ability to hand pick the order of the last few games for most drama, but since the Old Firm fans can't be trusted they have to blunt it as much as possible.
  14. Top Six Secured

    Is there any word on when the post split fixtures will be announced? I’m thinking I should get up to see this team before the end of the season. Seems like maybe Hibs away would be a good shout.
  15. I was looking up Europa League qualifying dates last night! Given the run we are on and having to play Hibs again there’s no reason we couldn’t close that 6 point gap in the run in to finish fourth. Top 6 is a great achievement after the start to the season, maintaining 5th would be brilliant but we should be looking above us for the remaining games. (First round games are 12th and 19th July, and I don’t have any holidays from work left til September! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_UEFA_Europa_League)

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