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  1. Cafe Da Vinci

    Phone number not connected and restaurant all shut up. Anyone any gen? Always seemed fairly busy and have never been disappointed with any meal ( or service ). Would be a real pity if it’s gone too.
  2. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Thanks for this Killiebythesea. Very well put. When I was reading it, I was welling up a bit ( again!) but it really did make me smile too. A lot of those sentiments you expressed resonated and from the way you described your dad, I think him and mine would have got on famously!
  3. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Thank you, Shug, for your kind words. That you took the time to do so whilst still grieving yourself demonstrates a real generosity of spirit. My condolences to you too.
  4. Youssouf Mulumbu

    I know this is mentioned on the Hearts thread, but if I can beg your indulgence for a few moments I'm sure you'll understand why I have extricated the sub topic. I was shown the tweet from a supporter who was a bit critical of Mulumbu's performance in that game and that it had irked him so much he felt provoked into a fairly tetchy response, citing the negativity of the original tweet. Not that Youssouf needs any defence from us, but perhaps I can redress the balance a bit, and reinforce a more positive perception of Killie fans. It was my dad's birthday on 9th December and I offered to treat him to lunch and take him to the game. A lifelong Killie fan (he achieved the 'holy grail' of being at Tynecastle in 65, Ibrox in 97 and Hampden in 2012) he had latterly attended fewer and fewer games. Sometimes this was due to finding other things to do on a Saturday, or sometimes it was the weather, but mostly, really, it was the unremitting awfulness of it. He would bemoan the standard of football on display and the absence of even one player with any genuine star quality. He accepted my offer, though if truth be told I think he was looking forward more to his lunch than the match. ( Cafe da Vinci, since you asked). As I am sure you are all acutely aware, Killie thrashed Thistle 5-1 and making his debut that day was Youssouf Mulumbu. My dad loved it! He came away raving about Killie and about Mulumbu in particular. It was a brilliant birthday for him, topped off with a cheeky wee half time dedication, for which he was duly teased later on by his pals who were in other parts of the stadium. Although my dad didn't go to OF games ( he hated the bile that emanated from both) he started attending, and enjoying, the home games again. On Saturday by the end of the Hibs match, he was absolutely enthralled. He said it was the best game he'd been at in years and it was the most enthused I'd seen him at a football match, probably since that wonderful day at Hampden in 2012. My dad died very suddenly on Wednesday. It would be easy in my emotional state to embellish or get carried away, but without any exaggeration I can honestly say that one of the very last things my dad said to me, as we left Rugby Park on Saturday still beaming from a thrilling game and a stirring Killie performance was " That Youssouf Mulumbu is worth the admission money alone" This hasn't been an easy write. If truth be told I was hoping it may have been a bit cathartic for me. It hasn't really. I'm broken-hearted just now. But Youssouf, if you're feeling a bit unloved, or under appreciated, then know this; You made such an impact on my dad in such a short space of time. You, your team mates and Steve Clarke got his Killie mojo back. But mainly you.
  5. Let’s be having you

    Yeah, it’s late. And yeah, I’m a bit pissed. I might regret this in the cold light of day....... It’s a great time to be a Killie fan. But holy s**t, what do we have to do to get a decent crowd? We have the best manager in the league. The best player in the league. One of the greatest top flight goal scorers of all time, still scoring goals for us. And yet we can’t muster 4000 home fans for a cup tie with a quarter final place up for grabs. What do folk want? I’m not interested in any comparison with Partick, Motherwell or St Johnstone etc. We are Killie. We have Steve Clarke. We have Mulumbu. We beat Rangers. We beat Celtic. We win 6 home games in a row. These are real “I was there” moments. And yet we aren’t. Well, not as many as we should be. Am I being unreasonable?
  6. Scott Brown

    We’ve got Jones, Jordan, Jordan Jones, I just don’t think you understand, He humbled Scotty Brown, Then he patted him down, ‘Cos the bastard wouldnae shake JJ’s hand.
  7. Dons away 27/01 Fred

    Midfield with Jones AND MacKenzie is just too weak against the better teams in the league. Also think Findlay a better option at centre half than S Boyd. Much as I like Greg Taylor, sometimes I think we could do with a stronger left back. McGinn’s goal was pretty embarrassing. Running that distance unchallenged and then almost ushering him into a position where he had a perfect angle to shoot. I don’t necessarily think we need to strengthen to avoid relegation, but we definitely need to strengthen to challenge further up the table. We were always going to hit a dip after such a fantastic December, but I’m sure it is just a dip and not the start of a decline. Nows not the time to panic. Or start criticising SC. Oh, and can I also add....I feckin HATE Aberdeen.
  8. The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    I’m torn between the one against Hamilton which got us promoted in 92-93 or the one against Hibs at Easter Rd that kept us up in 1994. Oh, wait. I’ve misread that haven’t I? It’s not the Great Killie Goalless Discussion is it??
  9. Message for Jordon

    Who did you say the ref was? Aw naw. No him. That’s us f***ed then. You know exactly what’s gonnae happen when Stokes goes down in the box under a risky challenge from Michael Nelson in the last minute, right in front of the Celtic fans, with us up 1-0. I mean he’s NEVER gonnae risk upsetting that nice Mr Lennon and deprive his team of their God given right to the treble.....
  10. Except we didn’t play three games that week! However, the point is valid and I thought it was evident against Motherwell ( which was a three game week) when Dicker and Mulumbu got deeper and deeper as the game wore on. That they stuck to their task despite their lack of fitness was to their credit, but it was a game we might just as easily have lost. The positive is that we’ve been on such a good run with some players not entirely match fit. Certainly bodes well, though if SC thought this would be a problem long term, I’m sure he’d address it.
  11. Steven Naismith

    Indeed. In fact, such an event would be “Happy and Glorious”!
  12. The Killie fans

    Inevitably the Daily Mail sees it differently*** "A shocked Australian tourist was last night recovering from a terrifying encounter in Edinburgh which brought SHAME on Scottish Football, right at a time when the eyes of the world are on Scotland's capital. Now being comforted by friends, a visibly shaken Harley Mitaros told the Mail how, on his first ever visit to Edinburgh, he was strolling up towards the castle on his own when he was suddenly ACCOSTED by a group of unruly Kilmarnock fans. Already startled by their boisterous behaviour and incomprehensible accents, he was then BUNDLED onto a bus, FORCED to consume alcohol, (direct from a CAN) and subsequently MARCHED into the Easter Road ground to watch Kilmarnock take on home side Hibernian. His tormentors even gleefully made up songs about their victim , including references to his nationality. And, in a final humiliation, the sick perpetrators forced the hapless traveller to pose with them for selfies which have now appeared on the dark web. The Mail contacted the club, currently enjoying something of a resurgence thanks to former Rangers player Kris Boyd, former Rangers player Kirk Broadfoot, former Rangers player Chris Burke, former Rangers youth player Greg Taylor and soon-to-be former Rangers player Jordan Jones, for a comment on what action they might be taking on these thugs. The Mail understands the matter is now in the hands of an unnamed local lawyer who has previous associations with the club. A spokesperson told us rather curtly 'Expect due diligence, some fiduciary duty, swiftly followed by a non-disclosure agreement. Happy New Year!' Our enquiries continue " ***For legal reasons killiefc.com is obliged to point out that this might not, in fact, be entirely true.
  13. Loan deals.

    Don’t worry, if Naismith does opt for Sevco over us, I have prepared a statement for the club to issue... “The position of Kilmarnock player requires an ability to win football matches and the mentality to cope with the demanding off-pitch environment that goes with being a Kilmarnock FC player. This is a critical aspect of our assessment of any footballer during our recruitment process. We recently approached Norwich City and requested permission to engage with their player, Mr Naismith, to assess his readiness and willingness to consider joining our club ( and bring his wee dug with him). We were subsequently made aware by Mr Naismith’s statement that, at this stage in his career, it would be best for him to sign for The Rangers Football Club 2012 instead ( as he hasn’t played for them before). We endorse that position because moving to a massive club like Kilmarnock is a big step with concomitant risk. We continue to consider suitable footballers but will only sign someone in whom we have full confidence and who feels he is ready for the job.”
  14. The Wolf

    Hopefully not because he was howlin’....
  15. One of our own

    What about Kris Boyd? He’s very good at keeping his cards close to his chest and at times can be the soul of discretion, but I do wonder which team he supports. Anyone any inkling??

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