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  1. Dons match fred

    He’s just a dreadful ref. Thought it was a great effort by players and fans tonight. Not the best performance but they gave everything. Having to listen to the drivel from Sportsound on the way to and from the game was grim - I wasn’t even sure we were playing as they spent first 15 mins talking about Aberdeen.
  2. Disallowed Goal!!

    Didn’t think it was offside at the time and definitely don’t now! Very sore one to take!
  3. Players Leaving

    We can't afford guys sitting on the treatment table, we've had too many like that. Yes, you will always have injuries but to take a chance and use up a valuable wage doesn't make sense to me if there is a higher chance of injury.
  4. Players Leaving

    The exciting thing is that we have a chance to rebuild with hopefully some decent players. A negative result yesterday would have seen the same players leaving today but with the replacements being of a much lower/cheaper standard. Looks like from some posts above that there may be a few surprises in who stays/goes. We have to back Clark's judgement and see what he can bring in but for once it won't be ex-Jambos or certainly not dud ones anyway!!
  5. Next Season

    Despite last couple of games, think it's the correct decision re Ashcroft. He will have done his chances of getting a decent club in the Championship no harm whatsoever. In general, I think Clark has to be absolutely ruthless. There are very few who should get another chance after some of the stuff they have served up this season and positive change is required.
  6. failkirk away 19/05

    It sums them up. The last thing they will have been told is to concentrate right to the end due to Falkirk's track record (although it's hardly rocket science!) and they do that. Brutal and that will really affect confidence. Need Magennis fit and Higgy in because McKenzie is absolutely rotten.
  7. failkirk away 19/05

    Any time I've seen McKenzie recently he's added absolutely nothing to the team apart from being 2nd to every ball.
  8. failkirk away 19/05

    Absolute torture! Can barely look at the BBC website and every time I see new posts on here I fear the worst! Need a goal, badly!

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