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  1. A response from Sandy Armour please

    If someone takes it upon himself to go on the radio, tv and spouts his idealology through his little magazine, I think it's only right, when his goal is met and his promises are not delivered that he has enough guts to come out and say "it's just a matter of time guys, the investors are in the wings", or "the investors don't like the fact that the parasite is still in the background" or "I was talking sh1te and just wanted on the telly". Don't think I'm asking a question which shouldn't be asked. Many at Motherwlll were asking the same question.
  2. Sandy Armour was the guy who suggested investors willing to invest once MJ left. He was also, apparently the voice of fans. Sandy, what is the status now? No point making promises (or were they false claims) to make the rebellion. I'm sure everyone would like to hear about your behind the scenes information. Quote from STV news in 2016 "Armour sees Bowie as a pivotal figure, telling STV: "He needs to take action, get on board with the right people who are going to come in and help the club go forward and remove Johnston from the club. In terms of moving forward the auditors' report mentioned that it needs fresh investment into the club just to keep it as a going concern. There's investors out there willing to put money in to the club so I think the time is now for Billy Bowie to do the right thing and go and speak to the people willing to put money in." Was this fake new or have the investors disappeared?
  3. Club Announce New SLO

    You mean you don't know how to contact the guy who is supposed to be engaging with the supporters. Another waste of space and worse than the last puppet who was at least visible. While you try and get a response ask him what his plans to engage with the support is
  4. I don't drink or take drugs and I don't talk to myself. Maybe you should seek some help if you consider that's what one requires to do if they disagree with someone on here if he writes sh1te and can't defend himself he shouldn't post why he needs his brother, lover, friend to defend him says everything
  5. TIK Are you In?

    I've mentioned this before, BB has not openly come out and stated he supports TIK. Why should he, he has most to lose when he merely wants to pass the club to his sons we are the most disjointed club in Scotland everything BB puts in to the club for repairs, loans etc, he takes more ownership of the club with more and more loans to be paid back we are now in a bigger mess than under MJ as we only had to get move one dictator now we have three directors with no clue about running a football club with one, BB, becoming harder and harder to move out
  6. Nomination and Selection Process

    Don't understand why the nomination process wouldn't start now surely it would help speed up the process of attaining the £100k if the support knew who was going to represent them or are you worried the person in mind won't be public favourite Just get on with it. Why wait?
  7. Club Announce New SLO

    Delighted our new SLO has replied to one email since he started/ a great start. If he hadn't done that I'd be thinking we had taken on someone who wouldn't and couldn't engage. Useless This position should have been advertised like Patrick Thistle/ however our board and CEO don't see the importance of a full time employee. Too busy building hospitality to cater for their own selfish needs
  8. Hospitality Day

    And we were all told the hospitality at RP would be full every week once MJ left come on guys support your team not bowling clubs
  9. 10,000 Season tickets

    Read on another thread about Hippo proposing 10,000 season tickets/ What was this proposal?
  10. Club Announce New SLO

    Just been told the SLO has a son who works at the club/ surely a conflict of interest? we should have someone who is totally neutral in that his decisions are not swayed out of self interest Not a good situation
  11. Club Announce New SLO

    I don't see any positive changes at the club/ we don't advertise for the CEO position and get a secretary to run our club now we don't advertise for our SLO and get a guy, who, by all accounts, is a bit of a loner. engaging with this guy will be interesting like the last SLO surely the club should have advertised or spoken to TIK about supporters who could have taken this position. Did they? why doesn't the club do the simple things correctly?
  12. Kirk Broadfoot??

    The sooner he is moved to right back the better i wouldn't play him at centre half ever again
  13. Lee McCulloch's Tactical Dilemma

    We are the easiest team to play against. No movement up front and a static central midfield with no forward runners no doubt we will get a draw next Saturday but I fear a total humiliation
  14. The Manager

    Taking Taylor off and moving Wilson to Left back baffles me. then two at the back for final 8 minutes (including extra time) clueless
  15. 1 Positive of the Day

    We can formally tell the board "we told you so" about LM being manger. clueless

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