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  1. Xmas Hospitality Packages

    Booked me and my old man in the Park Suite for the Partick game. We were regulars at hospitality the last few years until they shot the prices up, but I reckon this is a decent enough deal - looking forward to it.
  2. Kris Boyd has 115 goals...

    Listening to him on sportsound tonight and he was talking up the support the fans gave the team on Saturday. I know he isn't exactly going to come out and criticise us but I reckon the gesture might not have been as bad as we first thought.
  3. Offensive Behaviour Football Act

    I'm against it personally. I believe it just demonises football supporters, especially when you look at the figures and fans effected by it. Also most of the cases get laughed out of court, total waste of time. Although I can see the logistics behind it, you can't eradicate sectarianism in 90 minutes - very naive. Just my opinion though, I know plenty will disagree.
  4. Next Manager Thread

  5. Next Manager Thread

    Appointment won't be until Thursday at the earliest I reckon. According to BBC we've still got a few candidates to interview.
  6. Ian McColl

    Agreed. McCall and Thompson also rebutted the nonsense Spiers, Stewart and English were spouting the night before.
  7. Thistle game turn out

    Gutted I'm missing this game. I'll be in Amsterdam seeing Ajax instead - would rather be at Firhill though...honestly!
  8. Pylon

    Would encourage everyone to see this, it's outstanding.
  9. TIK Are you In?

    I'm in.
  10. Away to Celtic in 2nd round.

    My mate phoned up to get two tickets but shop said they have sold out. Also said they're not getting any more in.
  11. Marketing/ Communications Officer vacancy

    Aye the Standard are part of the same media company as the Record - Trinity Mirror.
  12. Marketing/ Communications Officer vacancy

    He's certainly got a lot more experience than anyone the club has ever employed to do this job, he would be more than capable. However, I highly doubt he'll leave the Standard to do this anyway.
  13. Ayr vs Kilmarnock

    That's the boys from the Valley's flag, it's a belter. First got it for the semi in 2012 but it had to be updated...
  14. Consecutive Wins

    Hahaha, I'm usually the same mate.
  15. Consecutive Wins

    Me and a mate had this discussion on Twitter last night. We won three in a row under AJ in 2014 believe it or not (Partick and Dundee United at home, St Johnstone away). Here are my findings anyway but I've probably made a mistake somwhere... This is from Shiels' last season.

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