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  1. Mark Hughes

    My mistake. Stoke aren’t gonna come in for him though. As said above, They will be looking for someone who has experience in a premier league relegation battle. Plus I can’t see Clarke leaving at the first chance he gets as he is reportedly a Killie fan.
  2. JJ

    Also, That’s another good thing that Lee Clark did. If Jones does go for 1 million, That’s 2 million made from 2 players.
  3. JJ

    I’d take that in a heartbeat. Jones is a good runner but has no end product. With 1 million I would trust Clarke to bring in someone who can finish an opportunity as well.
  4. Mark Hughes

    Rubbish. Clarke said it himself that he came back to the manager role for Killie and that he isn’t gonna just go at the first job opening.
  5. Psychology and perception

    This month proves that Steve Clarke has brought the confidence out in the players and made them show passion to killie.
  6. Dom Thomas

    Clarke definitely doesn’t look like the type of person to stand for bad attitude...
  7. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    Killie winger Greg Kiltie will have to wait to resume his first-team comeback. Kiltie, who had a broken ankle, had his first outing of the season against Motherwell but has a hamstring issue. ( BBC )
  8. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    13 points in the last 5 games. 4 wins 1 draw. 2 of the wins against sides that usually finish top 6. Should be looking to sell out that full stand. Let’s all head up to Hamilton and get behind Steve Clarke and the team on this great run of form.
  9. Stream today ?

    Has anybody got a stream for today’s game for those of us who can’t make it ?
  10. Currently 2-0 down at half time against hearts.
  11. Goals Yesterday

    Haha Only one I could find at the time !!!
  12. Goals Yesterday

    I found it there.
  13. Saintees (A) Fred Dec 2nd 2017

    Good to see Thomas back in the starting XI ! COME ON KILLIE!!!!
  14. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Found that on his Twitter at the top looks like Steve Clark(e) Kilmarnock football club.
  15. Line up face Dundee

    Jones ?

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