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  1. Jamie MacDonald on-message

    Looks like I'm not alone, for once. Thanks, folks, got to see some pushback against the usual gang.
  2. Jamie MacDonald on-message

    Our crowd % increases might look ok but they're pitiful given the unprecedented praise and publicity the club have been receiving and the run we have been on. It didn't take long for Hibs, Hearts and St Mirren fans to respond to their team boing on the up. The response against Hamilton will be telling. I can't think of one of the recent " reasons " for people not going that will be applicable. Let's hope the management and players aren't let down after the excitement they showed at the Aberdeen crowd. Our game at the start of the season against Hamilton attracted 3700, after two home defeats and a defeat by Ayr, no Steve Clarke and no optimism. If we attract an extra 300 or so, we have no right or expect Steve to turn down any offer. By the way, I lived in Ayr for a few years and there's still adults going today that I took with my kids as youngsters. I do everything I can and have taken many guests this year.
  3. Jamie MacDonald on-message

    " The club work harder ". No, let's hope the stay aways respond to the fantastic situation the club find themselves in.
  4. TIK/Well Society

    Indeed, and why not help them now to progress even faster.
  5. His pension decision was closing a tax loophole to have more available for public services. It was then seized upon as an excuse by big business to do what they were going to do anyway. Even if it was a mistake ( which it wasn't ) he achieved a great deal in alleviating child, pensioner, and world poverty, working tirelessly to reduce third world debt. He was far from perfect but his motives were good. Any fair minded person would acknowledge the funding of the NHS, sure start etc, As soon as the Tories got in all of these figures started to go back the way, and continue to do so. Unfortunately, all the stupid red Tory talk gives them a free pass, kidding that their no different to Labour. I tried to tempt my two Killie colleagues back in to the political forum, as they were previously, to bring a bit of balance.They said it wasn't worth debating with a group of brainwashed Nat zoomers, tempting though it is. They were probably correct.
  6. I said it's possible. You see the difference between normal people and Nats, Brexiters and Republicans, is that they admit they are sometimes wrong and don't always know all the answers. It's a trait that I think the SNP need to adopt as it might make them more appealing to the people they're trying to convert.
  7. Posted by a good Killie man and liked by two Killie men. All proud to be practical centre left. Solid achievements for ordinary people. Corbyn will do well to better it, and the Nats never will.
  8. It's quite possible. But you're meant to realise as you grow up and times change what is no longer acceptable.
  9. And there are people who think it's only the OF who should adapt to modern times. Seriously can't belueve how wilfully blind people are being with this issue. "Don't worry about us saying black bastard, it just means dirty". Imagine actually having that conversation with a black person. To see ourselves as ithers see us.
  10. You've no proof of that, but your problem is they're still as Scottish as you.
  11. Jamie MacDonald on-message

    The players and management are really pushing for these stay aways to return.
  12. An Orlando City Fan in Scotland

    10,000? That's garbage. We get 18000 every week, but the Board fiddle the figures
  13. Rocksport 6(ish) Tonight

    Ooh you are awful, but I like you
  14. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Naughty boy

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