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  1. Safe standing area

  2. Safe standing area

    Aye could even just try find a wee pocket to come together and sing to start with.
  3. Lee Erwin

    SC: "Lee has shown up really well so I don’t know what’s happened over the break but he’s obviously gone away and re-assessed himself." https://t.co/x0CsQ68rMz
  4. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Aye Alan Power MoTM for me by some distance. Thought he was exceptional.
  5. Safe standing area

    If it’s cost effective i don’t see why it can’t be done, I’m certain that it wouldn’t go to waste. Either down the bottom at the half way line or the whole corner beneath the scoreboard. The middle would probably be more beneficial for atmosphere purposes.
  6. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Aye can always here them from the middle of the stand, and often wish that’s where I was sitting. Wouldn’t the corner under the scoreboard be the ideal place for such a section?
  7. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    That would be brilliant. Really think a safe standing/singing section would be brilliant for the atmosphere also. I know I’d rather sit there, and if a reasonable amount of us think the same surely we can discuss it with the club (if it has hasn’t been already?)
  8. Manager and Player of the Month

    Thoroughly well deserved and now high time to rubbish the “Manager of the month voodoo”, you’ll never take the killie.
  9. Steven Naismith

    These I would say are the most interesting remarks in regards to this thread... and also our prospects of signing him. “There have been a lot of stories linking me with two of my old clubs, Kilmarnock and Rangers. I have not spoken to either of them, but I am not ruling out any clubs at this stage.” “I wouldn't say any club is off limits, because it is more than just about money. I am pretty relaxed about the situation. If the right move is there for me, I will know about it.”
  10. “Older, Wiser, and better looking...” An interview with Stephen O’Donnell in which he comes across very well. Video and transcript within (STV) https://t.co/98k3cgbMB3
  11. Steven Naismith

    Scotland forward Steven Naismith is likely to leave Norwich City on loan in January, BBC Scotland has learned. Naismith, 31, has not featured in the Canaries first team since August. Two English clubs have agreed to pay the £10,000 a week of Naismith's salary that Norwich are demanding for the player to be loaned out. However, the choice of where the player ends up for the rest of the season will be down to Naismith, who has 45 international caps. After spells at Kilmarnock and Rangers, Naismith moved to Everton in 2012 and Norwich three-and-a-half years later. The player indicated last month that a return to Rangers would be of interest. With more than 423 club appearances to his name, Naismith has scored 109 senior goals, including seven at international level. (BBC Scotland)
  12. Mark Hughes

    I’m not.
  13. Steven Naismith

    Perhaps but I for one, simply can’t help it
  14. Personal Dream Teams

    Love this team so much ahahahaha, could immediately tell you were also a lot younger like myself
  15. off the ball

    https://footballpink.net/2018/01/04/scottish-footballs-crisis-of-confidence/ Someone posted this on here the other day, which references this exact thing with the scottish media and the old firm. Very good read.

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