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  1. Match Day Website

    An app would be fantastic if executed well in my opinion. Would be good if the club supported it as it could then be used for multiple purposes. Plus more people would use it if it was the official club app, with all of the aforementioned features and more.
  2. Tshibola

    I think he is actually best suited to Dicker's holding midfield position and that his struggle is perhaps related to the fact that he is asked to play a more dynamic role.
  3. Erwin

    Looked a sore yin, tried to get up and walk off but couldn't and looked in a lot of pain. Hopefully the prognosis isn't as bad as it looked.
  4. Fasan your Seatbelts

    MacDonald didn't save Mclean's last near post shot, although that was closer in. The standard of keeping in general in the league is absolutely shocking.
  5. Sheep home, Fred

    JM SOD -------- KB ------- SF --------- GT AP -------- GD EA ---------------- GK ---------------- JJ LE Kiltie drops deeper and is able to pull the strings with Dicker sitting and Power enforcing. Full backs pushing up with Dicker dropping to form a back 3 in possession. Probably a bit gung-ho and suited more to lesser opposition but could truly blow teams away imo. One of many different systems we could use next season. Personally can't see it but could Clarke now use these games to test different combinations for next season? We've basically, as Gary Dicker said, been playing 4-4-2 all season, just not rigidly. I think we have lots of options formation wise and although somewhat forced into it, Clarke has shown he is capable of switching it up. This is of course totally hypothetical for next season assuming Mulumbu is offski and we can keep JJ but obviously Clarke will have other plans and will definitely add a few new options in the transfer market. We have the foundation of a great squad signed up for next season and I reckon if supplemented well in the Summer that we can have a right good season again. Just need to accept that there will be ups and downs and back the team to the hill.
  6. Sheep home, Fred

    We were far from our best but with 3 key players missing i’m not surprised. Thought when we got the ball down we looked dangerous. It was frustrating to watch the hoofball at the end as Aberdeen defend that with ease. Didn’t really like the formation and think that we should have tried to control the midfield, as Aberdeen struggle when the game is taken to them. As for Nick Walsh. f**k um. Logan and McLean too.
  7. John Cross is absolutely clueless, always has been
  8. Aberdeen game

    Aye Brophy has to start for me, felt he should have started the cup replay and that we were a better team when he came on.
  9. Modernised Ticketing System

    I would tend to agree but within the article linked they state that there won’t be any booking fees for home matches or season tickets. It wouldn’t need to be ticketmaster, I’m sure there would be alternatives.
  10. I have just seen that Motherwell have partnered with ticketmaster for next season, giving fans a way to purchase tickets remotely: http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2018/04/18/motherwell-enter-partnership-with-ticketmaster/ Surely this is something that we must look into, as the ticketing system is so outdated. This would make life easier for everyone, club and fans alike surely?
  11. Taylor

    I thought that too but my faither said I was looking too far inty it...
  12. Manager of Month March

    I interpreted it as he was drinking at the Ferry Inn in Renfrew as they are accusing him of being an alcoholic. He attempts to corroborate this claim by saying he "knows the manageress". Would not be surprised in the slightest if it is made up. People are certainly creepy and weird enough to do so. I hate everything about that odious, cheating, establishment scum organisation and everyone who takes anything to do with it. Cannot wait to pump them at the Hunnery once again.
  13. Second Place?

    Aye plus McInnes publicly slating the quality of his squad may not work wonders for their confidence, although I interpreted it as regarding his squad players.
  14. Still Moaning About JJ

    With Greg Taylor, wouldn’t look into it too much, footballers go to a football match.
  15. TIK Funding Update #7

    I think it’s important to remain positive despite the obviously disappointing uptake, continue the hard work and show the skeptics the benefits of TIK. I’m certain that we will be able to win people over as time goes on.

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