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  1. Sheep home, Fred

    Got to disagree. He was easily the best player on the park today. And if he was at killie u would love him for the way he plays. Take the blue spex of for a min.
  2. Tshibola

    Sound. Prob could have been doing with him today
  3. Sheep home, Fred

    Aw s**t sorry just read your post correctly lol
  4. Sheep home, Fred

    How the f**k u work that one out Einstein
  5. Tshibola

    Why wasnt he involved today?
  6. Sheep home, Fred

    Ffs give the boy a chance to get 100% fit. f**k it took big kirk 8/9 maybe 10 games afore we thought he was good enough for us... Boys got talent but needs game time to get back to wit we know he can do. I didn't think his game was too bad today actually certainly not the worse
  7. Sheep home, Fred

  8. Sheep home, Fred

  9. Sheep home, Fred

    I seen power shout at logan after the final whistle when he was gloating in front of the east stand. Wee rat.
  10. Taylor

    Well done Greg.. Cracking player Well done to the club the great news just keeps flowing from rugby park. If the rumours are true about JJ. Wow it shows how far we've come. We were certain to lose him not long ago.. KTID
  11. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Absolutely agree
  12. Big Kirk Broadfoot

    Absolute delighted for the big man but gutted I wasn't there to see it lol.
  13. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Think skygod was talkin about the Ayr support tday
  14. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Twice lol

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