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  1. Saintees (A) Fred Dec 2nd 2017

    Great result away from home. Let's give the team our full support next week.
  2. Rangers match

    Really impressed with the second half performance we exposed how bad they really are. A good start to the Clarke era long may it continue.
  3. Next Manager Thread

    Needs to be an open recruitment process to see who is actually interested in taking over. People forget that there are hundreds of former managers unemployed at any given time. No matter how bad a position we are in there will be plenty of people who will want to chance their arm at relaunching their career at a scottish premiership club. What's important is the process itself. We should use the video analysis guy to create situational videos showing our goals conceded this season and how the manager would coach them to deal with these situations. They should also be allowed to asses the backroom staff to see how they need to upgrade the backroom infrastructure do they need additional coaches, data analysis experts or even some form of new technology that is present in the game that can help with training? Ask them what type of player they feel they need or what sort of age group they plan to recruit from? (20-25 -25-30 30+) If a player goes on tv talking excessively about another club how would you deal with this and make sure they stay focused on the job at hand ? What do they feel is behind our abysmal home form and what step will be taken to address this? On a similar vein what do they feel is an acceptable points total from the home games left? When need to make sure we pick the right person and it's up to club to grill the person during the interview process to find out every last detail of what they plan to do when we hire them. Otherwise we are just taking another shot in the dark.
  4. Rossco thread

    If he's not gone by tonight then the board have no clue.
  5. Dons Fred

    Well done to the team on a great point. As others have said when you look where the teams are that we have played so far. Many of them are at the top end of the league. Big test next week to see if this is a one off. Hope to see a win next week.
  6. Hamilton Accies Match Fred 26-8-17

    Not the managers fault today. Silly errors have cost us some valuable points. Wilson put in his best performance in ages in midfield. Hopefully we can use the break to regroup.
  7. Club Announce New SLO

    Good luck to him. Now we need to tie up the Communication/marketing job and we will be in a better position
  8. Hearts (h) Fred 12/08

    To clarify my comments on Wilson I don't think he's a terrible player. But he's a guy who is already being played out of position and in my opinion is not yet ready to play top flight football. In my mind he's a defensive midfielder but at the moment he's not been allowed to develop in that role. I would rather see him turn out for a lower league team for a season so that he could come back and have a proper go at staking a claim in the team. But that's just my opinion.
  9. Hearts (h) Fred 12/08

    Too many passengers in that team. Time for there to be a complete cull of the starting line-up. McKenzie, Frizzel, Boyd, Broadfoot and Wilson can all go as they are not good enough. They either make mistakes or contribute nothing to the team. I said last year we were far to static and nothing has changed with the addition of Jigs 'experianced heads'. What we do in training is beyond me and how McKenzie manages to be an automatic starter I don't know. Time for Jig to get the finger out and get the team to perform. No wonder fans are angry 4 years of absolute trash home performances and it's not going to change any time soon.
  10. St Johnstone (H) Match Fred

    I hope so as well , they play off each other so well and actually give us an outlet for the ball. Certainly better than lone bodyie.
  11. St Johnstone (H) Match Fred

    Such a shame, we deserved a point for the way we turned the game around 2nd half. Erwin needs to start as he changed the game and made Boyd actually useful. Some horrendous defending but I hope that it will simply be down to Broadfoot and other still gelling together. Ultimately we still need another two players and another quality striker would be welcome. Still were miles ahead of last season and so we should be fine.
  12. v Dumbarton (h)

    The second half was better when we had two outlets on the wings. However both Graham & Wilson are not ready yet and need to be loaned out to get some much needed experience. Body had his moments but there is still no way he should be starting for us he does not offer up enough to justify his inclusion. The defence is what shocked me the most today. If we defend like today St Johnstone will tear us to shreds especially seeing they have brought back O’Halloran. If we can bring in Greer then I feel we will be alright at CB but its RB im concerned about. O'Donnell was more than once left behind by their wingers. However it's clear we are a bit more creative this season with the likes of Burke, Thomas and Jones all moving off each other to make us less static in the final third. Erwin made a good start and hopefully should create and supply goals for us in crucial moments. If we can get a right back and a striker plus Power and Dicker gelling together then I feel we should not be too far away from a decent team.
  13. Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    Players have to look themselves in the mirror. Not good enough especially against them
  14. Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    Get Kris Boyd off now !!
  15. Scout??

    Will be good if true. Hopefully ends the merry go round of players every year and gets us the players we need to grow as a club.

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