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  1. Season 2018/19 Dates

    Holidays start of June then to avoid clashes with our Europa League ties.
  2. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Haha, yes to clarify - can't come quick enough as a fan! Going to need some well rested players for this mob, looked very good against the sheep.
  3. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Can't come quick enough. Would be good to have Power back to chase McGinn off the park.
  4. Enough points?

    Only playoffs we should be thinking about are qualifying rounds for Europe.
  5. Pitch

    It'll be better to have a grass pitch in 2019 for European games anyway.
  6. Training facilities

    Green belt proposals can be very complicated from a planning perspective. Exacerbated of course depending on what planning officer is assigned to the case. The guy at Rowallan may have had someone who was a soft touch. For the training facilities any proposal would be better placed in a simple site to avoid any headaches, never mind financial implications.
  7. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Never been happier about a Scotland manager being appointed - and it’s a bloody terrible appointment, oh Eck!
  8. Clarke v Brendan

    I'd rather have McInnes than Brendan and I'd rather have SC than either of them.
  9. Lee Erwin

    If Brophy's injury / illness keeps him out the big man might be on for a start anyway.
  10. Happy Valentine's Day

    If that's a deliberate use of Lillies with reference to Neil McCann then bravo!!
  11. Ref got it right

    Penalty probably justified by the letter of the law - the fact that that clown couldn't see it though, means it shouldn't have been given! Ironically, the ref missed several handballs at various points by Dundee players - one which lead to their corner that Caulker scored from. The referee was an incompetent ars*hole but poetic justice prevailed. Mon the killie!
  12. Dundee match thread

    Last night proves there is hope for life without Mulumbu too, should it eventually happen...
  13. Motherwell

    After last night I'm even more gutted I'm missing this one!! Can't wait for Killie games to come around these days! Lets get right into these dumplings!
  14. Dundee Highlights

    Agree with that. The highlights do the ref a massive favour too as most of his shockers were not highlight worthy - if we had lost that game the injustice wouldn't have been clear on those. That said though, BBC highlights are brilliant when the sound is on - even the commentators can't help but get carried away!
  15. Brophy to score....

    Gutted I didn’t see this before the match!

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