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  1. Jordan Jones

    Opposition teams can push higher up the park when jj isn’t playing, when he does play they’re just a bit more mindful of the pace he has and getting caught on the break.
  2. How do we keep Clarke?

    I’m afraid his stock is rising every week. Everyone is talking about him, all the huns at my work want him at castle greyskull.
  3. Kirk Broadfoot

    He used to give me the fear but I now enjoy him letting the oppositions players out of his back pocket when they get subbed because big Kirk has marked them out the game
  4. Motherwell away, Fred

    It was Wilson for Broadfoot not Boyd hahaha
  5. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    Was up 3 weeks ago and I’m pretty sure they have been put in I may be wrong I’ll check when I head up next week
  6. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    There’s average speed cameras all the way from Stirling to Aberdeen now
  7. Neil Mccann

    That isn’t possible sorry I must totally disagree with you McCann is the biggest c##t in the history of c##ts.
  8. Clarke v Brendan

    Rodgers is a one trick pony Clarke is not
  9. SOD outstanding young man take a bow
  10. Dundee match thread

    That tonight was an even better feeling than beating ceptic probably won’t be able to speak the morra after shouting at the wee angry man Neil McCann hahaha pr#ck
  11. Dundee @ RP

    Dundee appear to be in free fall at the moment let’s hope it continues, I can’t stand McCann horrible individual. Fingers crossed we take a few off them tonight.
  12. Brora Fred

    What game were you watching?
  13. Thought he was ok today gave the ball away a couple of times apart from that he was ok
  14. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Pair a bawbags on sportscene promoting SC for the Scotland job GTF
  15. Brora Fred

    Think Findlay played a blinder as a left wing back today

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