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  1. Rory signs till 2020

    To be honest I’d have let him go. Can’t fault his work rate at times although being honest it never seems to get him anywhere. Doesn’t score enough goals or set up enough chances for me but manager seems to know what he’s doing so hopefully it will all work out well.
  2. Rory

    I’d let him go. Yes he runs around a lot but his contribution in goals and assists is poor. I’m sure there’s better options out there.
  3. Crowd

    Anyone who thinks a bigger crowd will keep the manager when a top championship club come calling are deluded.
  4. Rory Mckenzie

    Not good enough. Time to move on to a club that fits him
  5. Thistle home Fred

    Probably as strong a line up as I’ve seen in a while. Don’t get the obsession with the age of the team. if we’re playing well and winning who gives a stuff about the age.
  6. Clarke Transfer January list

    I honestly couldn’t care less the age of the team as long as it’s actually trying to play football and being successful.
  7. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Always amuses me when people assume these guys are loaded. He may well be or he might have blown the lot. You never know people’s circumstances so he might be willing to play for a level we can afford.
  8. Next Manager Thread

    Please not gus his teams are horrific to watch. If Stubbs is interested he'd do for me. Need someone to organise the whole club to be honest. Mixu might be ok at the start of a season when he can recruit his own team but failed miserably at united with having to work with someone else's players.
  9. Next Manager Thread

    Gus managed the most boring st. Mirren team I can remember they were torture to watch and I remember the st. Mirren fans were delighted when they parted company. I know someone will say look at where they are now but honestly if he hadn't played for us he wouldn't even be mentioned.
  10. Dundee thread

    Time to go
  11. Red cards

    Can't honestly believe anyone actually cares about getting a little red card. Are people that insecure they can't handle someone not liking something they have posted! It's like posting something on Facebook then phoning up your friends and family asking why they never liked it!
  12. Starting 11 for celtic

    There's not one single formation or suggested team on here that I think would get us through the first 20 mins without conceding a goal. We have no midfield and even with dicker back I don't see it improving much. Do think there's goals in the team but with mcculloch seemingly thinking we're alright in the middle of the park I'll be surprised if he's not punted before the end of the season. Kinda depressing considering I had high hopes before the season started.
  13. Does LM need a "director of football"?

    What we need is a working midfield.
  14. Open Training Session

    Be funny if it's all about passing and moving and marking runners from midfield and actually defending against cross balls then come Saturday they revert back to what we've been watching! If the training looks organised then the players do the opposite on game day where do you go? Can't just get rid of them all and start again!
  15. Starting 11 for celtic

    Have any of you actually seen a game this season. Mackenzie should be nowhere near our midfield and as for playing him up front alone that's comedy gold. In fairness it probably won't matter who we play in this game we'll get horsed but I'd like to see some kind of attempt to actually mark people and even try the odd tackle in our midfield. Not holding my breath though.

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