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  1. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Maybe a strange call but SO'D has some engine and quick with it - push him onto marking McGinn/McGeouch whichever is looking most dangerous. He won't give them time to settle into their normal rhythm.
  2. Season 2018/19 Dates

    Do you need a Visa for when we go to Baku....beyond? lol..
  3. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Its never the same on the tele!! Get down to RP and bust the roof off with the noize.... Worth a one goal advantage if the atmosphere is as good as the Dundee & Motherwell games.
  4. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Does anyone know is Power, Kiltie & Tshibola are training/be fit for Saturday, hopefully SO'D can shrug off virus.... This is the big one for Hibs and they will feel they need to win to keep aspirations of European football alive. Will be a great tactical battle between Lennon & Clarke but I fancy we will shade it 3-2. Should be big noisy crowd and great atmosphere with a few goals thrown in and a few cards to boot!! Hopefully plenty of pies on order for this lunchtime kick-off !!
  5. How do we keep Clarke?

    From time to time there has been talk of big investments made into the Club but mainly still to happen allegedly due to MJ's involvement. To keep the manager and stave off unwanted attention from predators we need one of these 'investors' to step up to the plate to privately sponsor SSC to ensure that the financial side of his contract is a no way inferior to what he would get by moving elsewhere. The Board then have the capacity to make funds available for the playing budget etc. It would also be a favourable gesture on the part MJ, who despite what anyone thinks is still a Killie fan, were he to publicly state that when these shares he controls/owns become available for sale in 2019 that a clause will be invoked to allow a portion of the said shareholding go to SSC which gives him a stake in the club and a guaranteed Board Seat when he felt it was time. He would be able to have a succession plan in place and hopefully have had a huge input into our new training complex and any other football related matters. This scenario would be our best effort at locking in his long term future with KFC and recognised his undoubted talent to cement our position as a top four club and beyond.
  6. Dizzy heights.

    Very big test V Hibs but if we win Saturday everything is achievable as Hibs are flying at the moment. Fingers and toes crossed the injury/suspension list does not get any worse and Power etc become available soon to strengthen the squad. If all this goes our way 4th place is well within our grasp.... (Passports at the ready...... lol)
  7. Training facilities

    Was there not talk in the past about both golf courses in the town being viable as 18 hole courses. Membership has tailed off in quite a few courses in Ayrshire and other areas. Maybe a possibility if Council looking to rationalise and raise funds for other projects?
  8. Motherwell

    Good to have Ian Wilson back, like Rory much maligned but both look improved players and raring to go under SSC....
  9. Training facilities

    That's interesting - question to land experts re planning - can you build such a complex on green belt without complicated planning proposals as not for housing? Did the guy at Rowallan not just throw up a huge riding arena and it was accepted?
  10. So many highs

    As least we feel the buzz I know I can’t wait for the next game and when you walk into the ground the younger fans are practising their chants, the young drummer giving it big licks. The walking on water feeling after games like Dundee. We love it and we will all be disappointed when the season finishes. What will we do till it restarts? The forum will work overtime on rumours of whose in whose out until the whistle goes to start the first game!! Don’t remember the last time I felt so confident walking down the Rugby Road long may it continue.....,
  11. Alex McLeish

    Maybe if McLeish picks players in form such as SOD we might get on better rather than guys who are out of form/past it!!
  12. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Number 7 Club £50 per head (available for parties of 15 or over) Exclusive use of the venue from 7pm till we open at 9pm 1 dancer per 5 customers available to your party,Buffet, £100 worth of tipping dollars for the stage (more for larger parties), Our infamous stag show mainly for the enjoyment of his friends. Every person in the party gets a A £20 dance voucher and a Number7 Shirt as a souvenir of their day. Great place for Rory to take the boys on a victory night out !!
  13. Motherwell

    Can anyone help please - Is there a cash gate or is it ticket only?
  14. Strength in depth

    Tshbiola seems to be able to put in a dig when necessary and maybe Wilson in holding role. You’re right they are very physical however still fancy our chances as we worked the oracle without Mulumbu on Tuesday.
  15. Players contracted beyond this season

    As SSC plays his cards close to his chest (he must be a wiz at poker) it is hard to predict who he rates as far as keeping and who he will offload. Even though they have contracts feel he might want to move some players on. Could be an exciting summer!!

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