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  1. The Great PFI Scandal

  2. Sportsound

    Nice problem to have
  3. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Keep the songs going guys, I enjoyed your singing yesterday. Took me back to the late 70s and 80s when our support was great and we created an atmosphere everywhere we went.
  4. The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    We did. I still say that is the best save I have ever seen from a Killie keeper.
  5. Michael Gardyne

    He scored 1 goal. i agree there have been worse but he was still crap. Being a trier doesn't hide his lack of ability.
  6. Michael Gardyne

    Never in a million years. Was a wage thief in his time with us.
  7. St Johnstone midweek off

    Forgot that there is a full card already scheduled.
  8. St Johnstone midweek off

    If we win or lose today and Hamilton don't draw against Motherwell is there any possibility that our game against them be re-arranged for Wednesday night?
  9. The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    First keeper I saw was Sandy Mclaughlin, and in that time the best one IMO was Alan McCulloch. He was the main reason we stayed up in the Premier League in 1979/80 and his injury at Cappielow was the main factor in us being relegated the following season. I also like Dragoje Leković and Gordon Marshal
  10. Cities you liked

    Went to Kilmainham Gaol on Monday afternoon - was a great tour and the museum was excellent too. I went to the Emigration Museum too on Sunday, which is well worth a visit, although some of their Irish connections are a wee bit tenous. Enjoyed the Guinness Storehouse tour too - the views of Dublin from the 360 degree rooftop bar on the 7th floor are fabulous.
  11. Referees

    He admitted it at least twice on Off The Ball. Still remember the day he got hit in the 'baws' at Fir Park. Hilarious as he fell to the ground in stages that day. Think it was the season we got promoted with Motherwell.
  12. Cities you liked

    Thanks for this, it's very helpful. I am currently in Dublin which I have thoroughly enjoyed.
  13. Cities you liked

    I'm doing something similar this summer. Flying to Vegas, driving to San Diego, then up via Cambria, Monterrey, LA, San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley and back to Vegas where we want to see Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon before flying home. Really looking forward to it.
  14. Assistant Managers

    Was Davie Wilson not around the time of Clunie?
  15. Whats the answer? "Ban plastic"

    Should she just ignore it then while she deals with the other issues you raise?

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